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Mass Building?


Is this workout going to put mass on me or is it too much. On some cardio days i Take time to rest.

LEGS- Bike/Stair stepper/ NO weight Lunges
UPPER- Chest/Triceps/Biceps
Benchpress / Incline / Flyes / Pec Deck or cable crossovers 3 x 6-8 for each set*
Tricep pushdowns w rope / Overhead tricep pushes 2-3 sets of 8 for each
Barbell curls and preacher curls 2-3 sets of 8 for each
CARDIO Jump Rope and bike 20 mins
Squats / Standing calf raises / Weighted lunges / Sitting Calf Raises 3 x 6-8 each lift
Upper Body
Back / Shoulders / Delts / Triceps / Biceps
Close and Wide Grip pull downs, Rows 3 x 6-8 each lift
Shoulder raises 3sets each direction
Shrugs 4 x 8
Tricep pull downs with V bar 3 x 8
Dumbell curls 3 x 8 each arm
CARDIO Bike and jump rope 20 mins


i also spread out 3 50 g protein shakes a day. Any suggestions to building a bigger chest would also be great help.. i have the arms..but my chest just aint cuttin it...thanks


Instead of drinking protein shakes, eat cheeseburgers and steaks and chicken sandwiches. You need a good bit of protein, but you need a whole hell of a lot of calories to grow and for your body to do what it needs to with the protein...protein by itself is just expensive calories.


UPPER- Chest/Triceps/Biceps
Benchpress / Incline / Flyes / Pec Deck or cable crossovers 3 x 6-8 for each set*

get rid of flys pec deck or cable crossovers as your main exersize of the day


HMMM? Ok in return for what get rid of them and replace them with??

I am not a huge fan of isolation when used exclusive to try and build a body but he's doing bench press and incline first. If he's doing those with Intensity I see NO prob in doing some flys and cable cross overs to hit the pecs more AFTER the real work.

I would hawever not use the peck deck I just find it useless. Might add in some heavy DB pull overs every now and again also bench and incline from time to time with DB's

Then get out of the always 6-8 mind set. Go heavy put some damn weight on that bar. Dont be affraid to work up to a higher weight lower rep range for the bench and inclines. and hell from time to time go higher rep, but Id keep the load High most of the time then lower on the isolation stuff.

Best of luck,


oh man i skimmed it fast so i think i misread it. i thought it meant he was picking one of those movements not using the first 3 then deciding between the last 2. my bad. thanks for pointing out my mistake


Cut the cardio. If you want your calories to go to building quality muscle, especially in the legs, cut the cardio. I agree with swap out the protein shakes and replace it with quality food. Eat as much meat and vegetables as you can. You need 1.5 - 2 times your bodyweight in grams of protein in a bulking cycle. And drink your Surge. I definitely feel the effect of Surge post workout.


Excellent advice, red meat will help pack it on, lots of carbs too.


thanks guys thats just the advice i was lookin for