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Mass Building

Just coming off of 5/3/1 worked very well improved all my lifts especially the squat which has lagged in the past, now time for me to add some serious mass. Mainly to my chicken legs and scrawny arms. My diet/supplements for the next 8-12 weeks:
meal 1 (5:45 a.m.)
6 eggs
bowl of porridge
multi vit
Jack 3.d. (6:30 a.m.)
meal 2 (8 a.m.)
weight gainer
banana and pineapple
meal 3 (8: a.m.) just before school
1.5 chicken breasts
1 sweet potato
handful of broccoli
mixed nuts and a cereal bar (10:30 a.m.)
meal 4 (12:30 p.m.)
250g minced beef made into meat balls
100g pasta
meal 5 (4:15 p.m.)
tin of tuna
cucmber diced
cup of rice
cheese ( sprinkling)
meal 6 (6 p.m. ish)
whatever mum’s making stir fry or something fairly healthy
meal 7 (just before bed at about 9 ish)
3 cups of milk
turkey breast

two shots pre build

grow little man grow.

Mondays Leg workout, Jason Ferrugia inspired:
105kg x 6
105kg x 6
85kg x 12
75kg x 15
85kg x 6
85kg x 6
75kg x 10
65kg x 15
Leg press
173kg x 50
calf raise (machine)
55kg x 30
55kg x 30

Tuesday’s workout (maintenance)
Incline bench press (dumbbells)
4 sets of 20kg db’s x 10
wide grip chins
4 sets of 6 reps
Bench press
65kg x 6
70kg x 6
70kg x 6
t-bar row
3 sets of 10 at 35kg
incline barbell press
3 sets of 45kg x 12
delt circuit x 3:
Lateral raises 5kg x 15
lying rear delt raise 5kg x 15
dumbell press 10kg x 10

grow little man grow