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Mass Building Split


Hello, I've just read the frequency thread where MODOK posted his theory on training frequency and progression (http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_alpha/bodypart_once_weekly bottom of the page) and I thought what he had to say sounded pretty good. I have always done strength routines and this would be my first mass building routine I've ever been on so it's pretty new to me. I've been on Wendler for the past few months and according to his maxes my maxes currently are:

Squat 440lbs
Bench 340lbs (former bench bro)
Deadlift 485lbs

I've also been doing some assistance work while on Wendler so I have numbers for my leg press, rows and chinups as well

Day 1 Chest/Back
-Flat Bench press
-BB Rows
-DB Flat Bench
-Weighted Chins
Day 2 Legs/Abs
-Standing Calf Raises
-Ab Circuit
Day 3 Shoulders/Arms
-Military Press
-Bicep Movement (Haven't decided which one yet)
-Tricep Movement (Haven't decided either)
Day 4 OFF

I am confused though about one thing from his post, should I cycle through reps like he does or keep the same set/rep range throughout? Also, does the routine look pretty solid? Thank you guys for any advice.


Thank you for the tips MODOK. I actually would like to try a higher frequency routine since I have never attempted one before. I am curious though, since you are training different rep ranges, what percentages of your 1RM do you use for the 5-7 vs 8-10 vs 10-12? Is it about 80% vs 75% vs 70% or so?


Off topic here but is that avatar with the banana guy you or is it a random picture?

I know a guy on these boards not mentioning names that is actually the guy in that picture. If it is so that you are the same guy, why have you changed accounts?

Also aren't you like 100lbs heavier now?



Picture is definitely not me but is indeed silly.


I also had another question although it probably belongs in the nutrition section but on this sort of program how should one be eating?


I believe MODOK says to eat ~20kcal/lb while on this to be able to recover.

I would use a 5-7RM, 8-10RM, and 10-12RM.


Is that per lb of bodyweight or lean body mass calculated via bf%?


I would assume per pound of BW. but you'll have to ask him for specifics on that.

Eat like you want to gain weight basically.


You are a lot stronger than me by max's...

But I'm like this | | far from actually being able to go into a mass phase for the first time in 2 years...

Last time round I got 20lbs in a 6month phase making most of those gains in the last 10 weeks.
Since then I've only got 20lbs in 2 years which really sucks but life sometimes takes charge.


I'm not saying this is something you're not considering but if you aren't... Maybe it would be worth considering, as I am, doing considerably more volume on certain bodyparts and more frequency on others and for some leaving both volume and frequency pretty moderate.

Back - high volume, moderate/average frequency e.g. 1-2x week.

For reason above I'm putting chest with triceps also I like the idea of my triceps getting fatigued by bench press, this may be a negative for some but I don't think pre-fatigue is a bad thing on a mass/hypertrophy phase. Chest in my opinion should have more frequency than back with slightly less volume and as triceps are technically 'arms' it also makes sense to pair them together so they get more frequency.

Biceps get their own day in my plan I usually stick them in with back though.

Anyway I hope your mass phase goes as planned.




I like your thoughts on the subject BLF, lots of individualization.

But he may need some systemic frequency to find out which body parts respond best to that stimulation.