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Mass Building Program For a Beginner


I just got my gym membership back and i am looking for a mass building program.
i am looking to do a 4 day split or a three day full body workout.i would prefer a 4 day split tought.any suggestions on what i should do?


There's a sub-forum labeled "Beginners", you know ? :slight_smile:

There is also a sticky thread at the top of the bb forum called "The best of T-Nation", which includes links to all the "must read" threads as far as bbing goes...



By reading the sticky you can see what the biggest and strongest on this website have done to get where they are.

In general you are going to want to get into the gym a minimum of 4 days a week, hitting 2 or 3 related bodyparts a day, using basic exercises and a high intensity in moderate rep ranges, to make progressive overload for every major muscle group your #1 goal.

You also need to have your diet in order.


But didn't the new gym hear that you were selling teh r0idz in your old gym?

For those that don't know, the OP started a thread a while back asking about a routine that he could do at home, because he got kicked from his gym for selling steroids in the locker room. Apparently.
-He doesn't want to do starting strength because, you know, you can't gain weight on that.
-He said he'd give ws4sb's a go, obviously that's not working out for him.
-He claims that he was 16, 205lbs and low body fat, and pulling decent numbers within 6 months of starting training, you know, cause he's awesome. But he needs someone to give him a program.
-He asked how to keep his bf% down without resorting to lighter weights and more reps. Because, you know, that makes sense.
-He asked a question about ws4sb's, that was explicitly explained in the article, then admitted that he probably should have read the whole thing.

So yeah, the guy is either a really poor troll, or a fucking dumbass.
And I've made it my personal mission to rid the boards of either of the aforementioned whenever I can.

So don't waste your time responding to him.


And that's precisely why the aforementioned continues to exist, because some members who take their T-Nation account way too seriously try to act as defenders for the forum. Knowing that he'll get a reaction out of you, he'll continue to post.

Go lift heavy, go eat right, go ask questions about training. Dealing with trolls is none of your business since you don't have the moderator powers to deal with them.


thank you.

i am not trolling how is this post at all trolling?but i just got a routine from the muscle and strength book hope it works sense everyone else has such a hard time giving there beggining routine.


Well, you're probably right, in that they know they will get a reaction out of me, and so they continue to post. In the future I'll make sure I just "the OP is a troll or a dumbass who won't actually listen to any advice you give him, check his post history", and leave it at that, then leave the thread to run it's course.

I don't believe that I'm taking T-Nation too seriously. I believe that in general the forum is a brilliant source of information. My problem is, that if we allow memebers such as the OP to continue to post unchallenged, then eventually the more knowledgeable and experienced guys are going to get sick of posting advice and information that falls on deaf ears. It takes considerable effort to take the time to respond to the many questions that appear on this site. If they see it is all for naught, eventually they will move on, and stop posting altogether. And then T-Nation will no longer be the great source of information that it is now.

So, I believe it is in my personal best interests to warn people when I'm aware that someone is starting a thread that may not be worth repsonding to, and I certainly have the right and power to do that, just as you have the right and power to tell me not to.
It's still up to the individual to decide whether or not to respond, I'm just giving them forewarning that it may not be worth their time.


You talk as if this is a new threat to the forum. There will always be trolls and idiots in general. By posting angry messages you only embarrass yourself. Lets ask Professor X, Maraudermeat, alpha, leehurstwhite or even CT for that matter whether they'll stop posting unless you fend off one troll.

Relax, you're not a moderator.

Who said you didn't have that right? And when did I tell you not to? I'm actually starting to believe you're getting emotional about the issue, which is why I say you're taking an intangible entity (your T-Nation account) way too seriously.

Fair enough if you're giving forewarnings about people, but going on as if it's a "personal mission" just seems a tad obsessive. It's just a training forum. Until you have the ability to click that little button saying "ban", all you're doing is just fuelling the fire.


Monday - lower body
Wednesday - upper body
Friday - lower body
Saturday - upper body

Eat a shit load of food and buy Eric Cressey's Maximum stregth program.
Take Surge Recovery mixed with creatine post workout (all Biotest products) and you will gain serious muscle mass. I'm 17 and i gained 20 lbs in 3 months with this plan


Westside For Skinny Viking Bastards. This is a 4 day split.

OP you have had PLENTY of answers. There are plenty of programs out there, many of which you already know about. So do those. And if you have a SPECIFIC question, then and only then can you ask on the forum.
No more begging for a programs PLEASE.


day 1- Biceps

BB curls 4*8
DB curls 5*20
spider curls 3*15
standing hercules curls 3*20
twitch reps curls 4*3 (see CT video)

day 2- biceps + pecs

bench 4*8 + forced rep (with a spotter)
BB flys 2*8 (take 2 barbell and do flys with them- really brings your stabilisator muscle in)
biceps complex: 8 reps each
A Barbell curls
B DB curls
C reverse barbell curls
D concentration curls
Do this 3 time
one arm incline barbell press 4*6

Day 3: legs+back

leg press: 3*12
leg extension:3*12
seated row machine: 3*12
lat pulldown: 3*12

day 4: power clean day

power clean 3*3 with 605 of your 1rm
power clean 6*4
incline db curls: 2*30 (for recovery)


13 posts and you already know who are the real guys? That is some good forum social adaptation skills


that is the best routine in the world -.-


Actually it needs MOAR KURLS


Yeah, more bicep curls.
Don't bother working out your back or shoulders. All you need in this world is biceps.