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Mass Building Diet



Does anyone have a preferred meal for building mass? Like, is there a particular meal that you would have every meal of every day during a mass building phase? What is your optimal meal plan and schedule? Just curious.


Can't go wrong with any combination of meat and eggs. Any kind of steak, if you're into that, and eggs by the dozen are size-building staples.

Also, depending on your current level of bodyfat and your training intensity, you don't necessarily need to avoid carbs, so juice/toast/oatmeal with your breakfast and good ol' simple sandwiches during the day aren't a bad idea.

And when you're trying to get larger, it can get tough taking enough sufficient calories, so having a go-to high calorie shake recipe that you enjoy/tolerate can also be very helpful. (For reference, some guys go so far as adding olive oil to their shakes, if their calorie needs call for it.)

Some reading that might help you figure out a plan:

And if you want to get funky in the kitchen:


Having the same meal all the time would be pretty stupid since there's no way you'd get the variety required to meet all of your nutritional needs.