mass builder

im pretty new here and was just wondering if anyone knew of a mass/muscle builder “program” they knew of?
something for when i goto the gym, i can go with a guideline to?
as to what exercises/machines to use?

See that button the left that says ‘previous issues’? Click that sucker and start reading. There’s 5 or 6 years worth of training programs and diet info there. Once you read about a few of them, come back here and we’ll help you pick one. Might want to provide more info about yourself though. Also see FAQ at main T-mag page.

You are obviously pretty new here. Get your flame-retardent suit ready because I’m sure their going to lay it on thick. If your lucky, they’ll let you off easy. Tip: go to This Week’s Issue and click FAQ. There will be plenty of programs you can download from there.