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Mass attack

I have been doing a lot of research as to which workouts are best for adding mass to your body. In terms of gaining the most weight from muscle mass, is it best to follow Pavel Tsatsouline’s Bear workout? I have been, but I haven’t noticed any gains over my standard Bodybuilder’s volume training. In fact, after 2 months of “BEAR TRAINING”, I have only gained 3 pounds. :frowning: Any advice? Should I just focus only on squats, dead-lifts, and bench? I have never tried this approach before… Advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

for Sheezy: Here comes the Lion’s 'ole broken record; you should focus on DIET first.

I THINK the advice you will get will follow along these lines: #1) Diet #2) Diet #3) Diet #4) read the "Diet Manifesto”, “Massive Eating” and “Appetite For Construction” 1&II. THEN:

Basic, heavy movements. Since I’m an “easy fat gainer”, I can’t give you first hand advice, but there are a lot of guys on this site (like Dawg On The Porch)who can. That being said…think DIET first…THEN workout…

Well said, Mufasa. And I might also add “The Missing Ingredient” article to that esteemed reading list.