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Mass and Strength Routine-Texas Method?


I am looking for a routine that will add mass and strength. I am 16 years old at 150 Pounds (~8.7% body fat). I'm just coming out of a short cutting phase following "The Get Shredded Diet" by Dr John Berardi. It has worked well bringing me down from 153 to 146 as of this morning (day 11).

I will start my 8 week progressive Gaining phase (starting at maintenance calories and adding around 500 calories each week till the end of the 8 weeks) this up coming Monday and am looking for a good routine to add muscle and strength. Ive looked into the Texas Method since it was recommended for people on the Low carb or "Anabolic Diet", But i am open to any suggestions.(I currently lift 5 days a week)


At 16 and 150 lbs. you're cutting?

Don't be surprised if you get flamed.


BTW look around on the site you might find something.


I was only doing a short cut to reduce body fat so i could stay lean on my bulk.


I was only doing a short cut before my bulk so i would stay as lean as possible.


Don't worry about fat right now. You probably won't gain that much fat anyways unless you eat burger king everyday. Just remember to bulk, you will gain some fat. Take advice from the vet's on this site and you'll learn alot.

IMO, you should lift for strength now. It will help tremendously in the future if you stick with this.


What king of training routine would you suggest? Anything with strength and mass gains is what im looking for.


Do you suggest any Routines?


I started off with this program.


I got great gains from it. Otherwise I'd suggest WS4SB.


Hm..looks interesting..what routine did you get the most gains in?


canadian bear.


Thanks alot for your advice man...i hate to ask so many questions..But that routine is quite confusing. Could you maybe sum it up?


Phase one is first. Do it for 4 weeks then move on to Phase 2 and so forth.

A successful set is for instance: Phase 1= 6 GOOD reps per set. Do as many SUCCESSFUL sets as possible within the given time limit. Rest as much or as little as you need to get those 6 reps.

Write down your progress.

Edit: Some days you won't be able to do as many sets as others. Does that clear things up a bit?


The texas method is a GREAT program. I've been on it for almost a year and have made good gains in strength and size.

If you havn't done Starting Strength yet, that will get you ready for the Texas Method. Do SS until it stops working, then switch over to TM and ride it out.

Mark Rippetoe's "Practical Programming for Strength Training" Discusses the TM in depth.
This is the program base that I've been using here..

Good luck


hmmm, that is basically what I do.

Except I didn't read it in a book, and I do arm & shoulder work.


so..its all based on what you feel up to doing?..say for phase one week one you do 8 sets of 6 reps..then when week 2 of phase one comes around you can complete 9 sets of 6 with the same weight. You just continue at your own pase?

oh and another thing..i saw there was four days..do you do monday-thursday?..or can you brake it up how ever you want throughout the week?

and lastly..deadlift day was day 3 and deadlifts were also in day 4..would that not be counter productive?


I have done the texas method before for a short amount of time (not long enough to get many gains or anything..but i had trouble putting together the routine. I can't decide where to put assistance work (curls, dips etc..) or how to set up everything so all the excerxices would work together well (without harming eachother)..any help or thoughts would be much appreciated.


The previously mentioned programs are good and work, but you might want to check out big beyond belief, there's a thread in the bodybuilding section called OTS big beyond belief.


What makes that one better?..have you tried it?

I cant find a template or anything that says what to do when...could you explain that please?


I have tried big beyond belief after doing starting strength and got better results from it. Also, the texas method is for intermediate lifters, and you are a newbie, so it wont work as good as big beyond belief because of the limited exercise selection and the fact that it is made for intermediate lifters who have a few years under their belt and can push around some pretty heavy numbers. As a newbie your body will recover more quickly from workouts and doing the texas method or a similar program won't work as good as other higher volume programs like big beyond belief because they will be too little work for you because of your low strength level. Here is the big beyond belief book http://www.slideshare.net/guest5ff101/big-beyond-belief and here is the thread: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/optimum_training_systems_big_beyond_belief_program_

how tall are you?