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Mass and Strength For Basketball


I am trying to prepare myself or JUCO basketball next season. Right now I'm 6'0, 170. My goal is to hit 185-190 of course doing this with muscle. From the looks of the roster i am going to be the smallest (but one of the best) on the team. I have the feeling that my size will prevent getting the chance to show what i can do.

I just started taking some supplements to aid me and doing this (weight gainer 1850 which i have finished) and now i am taking a muscle juice 2544. I have found a few workouts here and there that may help but does anyone have any ideas how on i can put the wieght, and the muscle, and maintain it. I am open to any helpful suggestions (good workouts, specific supplements, etc.)


is that Derek Fisher guarding you?


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WS4SB would be great for you.


Agreed. It is made just for people like you.


what exactly is that?


Westside for Skinny Bastards. Use the search engine to find it. Follow it as prescribed, eat (everyone will tell you to just pound back anything and everything you can get your hands on; whether you eat cleanly or not is up to you), and keep doing whatever you're doing for basketball. GPP is optional, though your regular training should suffice.


The best thing I can tell you is to ready everything Joe DeFranco (author of WS4SB) has written on this site and on his (defrancotraining.com). WS4SB was designed EXACTLY for athletes like you!


Definetly go to Defranco's site. There is also a great article on increasing vertical leap which should be read by any basketballer.

John Berardi is the way to go with the nutritional side. Scrawny to Brawny is a good book for anyone looking to put on some weight.

It is clean eating which seems to take a little longer than others but the gains tend to be quality.


All of the above seems to be very useful. I am currently trying a workout i read on a few threads from a month ago. But as far a weights go were would you recommend that i start out working with. As you can tell i am knew to the whole working with weights deal. I was more of the guy of stayed on the court dunking and shooting jump shots instead of trying to make myself stronger. Right now i am working out with a straight with a max weight of 100lbs and then dumbbells ranging from 15, 25, and 45


You're going to be expending loads of energy as a JC basketball player, so gaining Body fat is not a prime concern of your's. BUT do try to eat as cleanly as possible, because often it's the nutrtion (in conjunction with conditioning) that seperates guys in the 4th qtr. At the JC level, EVERYONE is conditioned. You can an edge by eating nutrient-rich foods instead of fast-food.


No one can tell you where to start, you have to figure that out.