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Mason's 5/3/1 Log

I have been doing 5/3/1 since beginning of December. My goals are simply to get stronger over all and keep body fat levels in check.
When i started 5/3/1 here is what i did
Press 110x11
Bench 200x8
Squat 205x17
Deadlift 285x10

I have not missed a workout since then and have been workout out mon, wed , fri and sat. Now my schedule is a little more hectic so i have doing this just 3 days per week mon, wed, fri, mon.

Here are my current records
Press 140x8
Bench 215x11
Squat 285x8
Deadlift 320x15

I am 5’8 around 180-185lbs

Yesterday i did Bench week 65,75,85%
Foam rolling and Dynamic warmup
I almost always start off with Hang snatch as an explosive warmup
Hang Snatch 70x3, 90x3, 120x3,140x3
Bench 165x5, 190x5, 215x11
1 arm row 90’s x20, 110 's x10, 130’s x 9
DB Bench 60’s x 20, 80’s x 10, 100’s x 5
DB Curl 30’s 2x15

Here is video of my last set of bench, i will try to post a video of each of my main lifts

Squat Day 65,75,85%
Foam rolling
Dynamic Warmup
Squat 200x5,235x5, 265x11
RDL 275 2x12

Here is video of squats

Press was yesterday 70,80,90%
Foam rolling
Dynamic warmup
hang Snatch 70x3,90x3,120x3,140x3
MIl Pres 115x3,130x3,150x5
Chins x50
Dips with 15lbs x50
face pull 2x16

Deadlift 70,80,90%
Foam Rolling
Dynamic Warmup
Deads 260x3,300x3,340x13
Bul split squat 155 2x10 per leg
BAr rollout 2x12

Bench 70,80,90%
Foam rolling
Dynamic Warmup
Hang snatch 70x3, 90x3,120x3, 140x3
Bench 175x3, 200x3, 225x10 PR!!!
1 arm row 90’s x 20, 110’s x 10
Chins x 20
Puhups x 20
Curls with 30lb

Workout two days had to combine to workouts
Foam rolling
Dynamic warm-up
Hang snatch 70x3,90x3,120x3,140x3
military 75,85,95%
Squat 70,80,90%
Mil 120x5,140x3,155x1
squat 220x3,250x3,280x9
had to go out of town so I combined them

Yesterday was deadlift 75,85,95%
Foam Rolling
Dynamic Warmup
Hang Snatch 70x3,90x3,120x3,140x3
Dead 280x5,320x3,355x12
Bul split squat 155 2x10

Here is the last set of deadlift