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MasoKissed : The Super Villain RemixXx


It is time to play,once again. =)

FST-7 is the main tool of torment and growth. FST-7 stands for Fascia Stretch Training. It is a simple enough concept. The idea is filling a muscle cell with blood and deforming the coating around it. That allows more room for new muscle fiber to grow. An example I like to use in explaining it is wire and its protective coating. If the coating is stretched that allows more wire to fit into it....get it?

The set up for an FST-7 session is pretty basic 3-4 movements per muscle group followed by an assualt of 7 sets to fully engorge the worked area. These are sets that are done with moderate weights, heavy depending on how much you hate yourself. I really fucking hate myself so I go as heavy as possible. But anyway do 7 sets with short rest 30 secs for those who are Kissed and up to 45 for you normal folks.

This NOT "light pump" work.

Example Quads

Leg Extension
Front Squat
Leg Press
Barbell Lunge

FST-7 Hack Squat

Water and Stretch are very important for nutrient delivery so before I forget I'll mention it. During the breaks in between sets you are to take a mouthful of water and flex the worked muscle as hard as possible for a 15 count...this is followed by a 15 count of stretching. All this is done in order to emphasize the deformation of the fascia.

That is FST-7 Basic

There are two variations of FST-7 called Reloaded and Preloaded where two exercises are used for FST-7. One calls for two fst-7 moves to come bfore the main lifts of the day. The other requires the two main exercises to be sandwhiched between FST-7 moves.

FST-7 Preload Example using Delts

FST-7 1 Cable Laterals
FST-7 2 Rear Delt Fly

Smith Machine Shoulder Press 4x8

BarBell Shrugs 4x8

FST-7 Reload Exanple using Back

FST-7 1 Rope Pressdown

Barbell Row 4x8

Seated Cable Row

FST-7 2 Wide Angle Lat Pull Out

I'm sure more adaptations will arise for this system and if they do I'll update this post. If you have any questions about it now though go ahead and ask.

People who don't lock their doors
Fish, lots of it....this is the bulk of what I eat now
Dark Green Vegegtables...broccoli,spinach,asparagus
Lean Red Meat
Chicken Breasts
Brown Rice
Olive Oil

5 meals a day with snacking on veggies during the day

Typical day of eating

Morning: First thing drop some thermo caps with water

Meal 1 - 6 egg white and 3 whole egg omelette with spianch/Oats and Honey psylium husks

Pre Work Out Dark Rage
In Work Out Creatine/BCAA'S/Beta Alanine
Post Work Out Dark Matter

Meal 2 and 4 1 Salmon Filet/1Pollock Filet/1 Cod Filet/1 Chicken Breast...2 cups of spinach or Broccoli...Brown Rice..psylium husk

Meal 3 and 5 same as above but with no rice sub out fish for beef

Before bed I sip hot warer with honey and lemon juice

I carry one of those gallons of water with the creatine mix in it and kill one of them then refill it with straight water


Dark Rage-Pre
Dark Matter-Post
Beta Alanine;Creatine.BCAA's during the day with a gallon of water
Psylium Husks
GLC Joint Support

I've also grown to respect Powerlifters.

What you will find in this log?

Flirting with women and death
Flirting with Men and Life
Hard Training
Random Quotes
Drugs probably
Training tips as they reveal themselves to me (tri point leg extensions for example)
Psych Talk
Rambling by me and all who frequent this fucked up place

My phiolosophy on dominance says fluidity is best. A person can't teach what theyve never experienced....so submission and being hurt breeds the most dominant. I've hurt myself and have been hurt by others for years...I've carried my cross and bitten many knives. This is my time to lead. My scars will show the way.



-in on log of awesome :slight_smile:

lol @ people who don't lock their doors


You can SO rip my sex <3

Now that I know that you created your log, my heart and mind can be at ease.


Haha,the lesson you should take from this is?

And I appreciate the following.


Welll that's no good. I don't like it when people are at ease. That'll have to change,won't it?


Super Hero Squat and Overhead Press session

Warmed up on the bike and did some extensions ..triceps and quads

Also threw in a set of the old full body complex to make sure everything was fully lubed.

Can't hit it hard if it you're not wet and hot first ,correct?

BB Row
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat

1x6 at 135

Worked up to 455 on full squats 4x4, that's called Sweet 16.....mostly how I trained back in the day.

Anyway, on to the actual work out...

Top Half Squat 610x5
Front Squat 255x5
DB Jump Squat 50x8
Vertical Jump Series BWx8
Prowler Backward Walk worked up to 4pps 30 yards each

4 rounds

Overhead Press Pattern

Top Half Shoulder Press 320x3
Standing Military Press 225x5
Push Press 225x5
Speed DB Shoulder Press 30lbs DBs 30 count
Medicie Ball Push Pressx8
Prowler Press 2pps 30 yards

4 rounds

The amount of sweat I lose doing this is unprecedented for me at least. I've
NEVER left puddles of sweat on a floor before.

"Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another"


I saw in your old log that you did 225 power cleans.... how many reps were you getting count?

I like that complex up there too... I might have to steal that before my back workout today.


I do cleans in singles,doubles,and triples. I'm not sure what time frame you're talking about because I did cleans a few times during the two years of that log.

Are you asking about the most recent ones from the Super Hero training?




I moved it like bernie.




No fucking shit. Now I'm pr hungry.


When I get to 10 rounds of circuits I'm doing it....


Almost forgot that


hahaha yeah I was talking about the most recent ones. they were on the last page of your other log.


Better film it, we are gonna make it a tradition on the nation for PRs


Hell Yeah, Dixie. Its on.

At the years end someone should edit it all into one. Videos...epic



I can see it now

Covered in sweat

Quads on fire

Dragging the loaded prowler across the 30 yrds mark

Dropping the rope

And falling

Only to be revived. The the beat from that song


Only in Ohio


Wow I want to be maso kissed...that sounds divine...make it slow and make me earn it...

You are so freakin strong. It impresses and pleases me.