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Masking the Taste of L-Leucine?


Well I got me a bottle after reading how much supplementing Leucine can be in building muscle. I've also read some ways to take it and have tried two so far

-Cold water, stir really well (2 mins)

-Hot Water, Stir well

This is the only supplement that I've taken, that I've actually threw up in my mouth and had to re-swallowed it. I admit I haven't taken that many supplements (ONS Whey,ONS MRP, Creatine, Glutamine)

Is there anyway to mask the taste (pre-workout)have it dissolve better (because mine is just floating at the top) or should I just stop being a bitch and deal with it's flavor

I appreciate it a lot with w/e comments or help ya'll can offer me



Mix it with something that masks the flavor?
It's marketed as increasing the anabolic effects of food, so take it with food!


I find that this stuff doesn't mix well at all in just water. I just use it in my PWO shake, seems to mix alright in there and the protein flavor masks the taste somewhat.

EDIT: There's also a bunch of folks around here that just throw the scoop of powder into their mouths and wash it down with water, so there's that option too.


I hear what you're saying, this stuff is the worst!

I tried it all as well and it's just disgusting (why they don't make this in pill form is beyond me).

The ONLY way I can take this is to throw the scoop in my mouth and wash it down with water, OR, I throw it into a protein shake.

I tried throwing it onto my eggs in the morning, but the stuff doesn't even mix well with food, so I was eating nice eggs with this disgusting powder on top.

Someone mentioned in another thread about this stuff, that they buy bulk (empty) pills and then fill them with this stuff. I'd do that if I had the time, but with 2 kids, a full time job, and a house that needs renos, I've got zero time. Otherwise this is a win-win idea for this sludge.


Although I don't get a bad taste from Leucine, I vote for this option.

Move on and deal with important things.


A teaspoon in your mouth and chock it with a glass of water. It doesn't mix good with anything. Or put in in self made capsules.


Yes, less concern with a few seconds of minor (very minor) discomfort and more focus on results from nutrition, training, and iron. Are we mens or sissies? We can hit grueling squat session that leaves us ready to hurl and feeling like were going to die, but complain about five seconds of a 'bad' taste.



Figured as much.. Appreciate the advice and thanks


Hey, well, it's made me gag as well and takes a lot of shaking to disperse in water. So I stir it into a couple spoonfuls of applesauce. Don't get me wrong, it still doesn't taste good, but the applesauce is a decent carrier to get it down the hatch.


The best and, IMO, only way to take leucine powder is to throw a scoop in your mouth and down in with a swig of water. Don't add it to a shake or any liquid, it will only prolong the bitter taste and you will end up with a bunch of wasted leucine powder stuck to the sides. Also, don't ruin the taste of your food by putting leucine on it. It's far too easy just to chase it.

On a side note the more leucine I've used this way the less bitter it tastes, anybody else notice this?


I use Oceanspray Sugar free / 0 carb Cranberry juice (splenda). It is very tart and I shot it like whiskey, you never get the crushed tylenol flavor of luecine just the tart of the cranberry. I promise this is the best way to go.


So do you use the juice to chase the leucine or do you mix the leucine with the juice?


used to mix it with gatorade for peri-workout. i would prepare it the night before and give it a good shake every few hours. the morning that i was gonna drink it, i would shake it quite frequently. by the time i was at the gym, it'd be fully dissolved. and, like anything, i got used to the taste (although it sure was awful) although i'm not sure i could stomach it alone in water. the gatorade helped...


Ok here's the trick. Try powdered bcaa, try plain hydrolysed whey/casien. Then leucine will taste great in comparison.


I appreciate all the advice, I will definitely try all of the above.


Crystal light works well for me. You don't need that much water either. The sucky thing is that it takes a while for the leucine to dissolve (the nonpolar side chain makes getting into solution a bitch), but it doesn't take more than a few minutes for me at least. Blender bottles also work pretty well with mixing it.


Well that last 4 servings I have done it with, have been to pour the powder in my mouth and chase it with water.. and honestly really no taste at all.

Thank you guys for all the help