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Masive Eating Calculator

hello people, long time reader first time poster here.

so here it goes, what is the energy requirements of sprint training.

im trying to figure out my caloric needs with J ohn Berardi’s masive eating calculator but i really have no idea how to calculate my sprinting trainings.

ok, im 5’11", 180lb, 10%bf (give or take one) and im curently trying to go to 6ish.

im late in my spp now so im training for max strength 3xweek, same days i do my speed (1/week) and speed endurence(2/week) sesions.

so my questions are these.

a)in the calculator do the rest intervals in lifting sessions count in total time? for excample during strength training my rest intervals are anyware between 2 to 5 minutes, thus i spend allot of time sitting around:p

b)say my speed endurance is warm up (jog 8-10 min, streching, strides 4x100, drills (6 in total), progressive accelerations up to 60m in spikes). The main training could go like this 4x150, variable rates (50fast, 50slow, 50fast) with 7 mins of rest inbetween (generaly me speed endurance is around 600-700m in total). Then i do plyos (30 reps in total most of the time). What should i aproximate all that with?:stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for the long post

p.s im really an amature, my 100m time is like 12.30 so my intencity is not all that high, make of that what you wiil


check out an easy to use massive eating calculator here:


Also, use total exercise time (including rest intervals) as your variable.

thanx alot

btw, i have thoroughly, browsed your site and havnt found that form of the calculator, its excelent:)

though, i still dont know how to aproximate sprint training sessions:p

i could put high intencity running i guess, but the total volume is quite small.

edit: i think i figured it, 4 reps of 200m with 10min intervals would be 30mins of high intencity exersise, no?

thanx a bunch:)

p.s a question if you dont mind, you said at some point (i cant remember the specific article) that non mesomorphs (either way, us skinny fat people:P) should use -25% of the masive eating plan to well…masive eat.

do you have any other info on that? It would interest me to find out some more details as to why that is. I mean at 4400kcal a minus 25% is 1100kcal thats alot of energy, where is that represented? lower body temperature? Lower “white noise” activity?