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Mashed Potato Alternative?

please provide comments/critique

after reading shugarts article where he mentioned blending cauliflower with mashed potato to lower the starch/calorie effect my brain went into overdrive and I thought ‘What if I…’

so last night I steamed some cauliflower and broccolli and blended them with one of those stick blenders into a mashed potato consistency with a bit of EVOO and pepper to taste.

my thought process on this was that I get to enjoy the Mash, that i dont get to have atm. I get to jam more fibrous carbs down my gullet and i get to remove the cauliflower taste with the broccolli which i much prefer.

it was very enjoyable but I wonder if i have changed the beneficial nature of these vegies with this approach.

please help

No, what you did is fine.

thanks Bill, much appreciated.

just looking for ways to get more vegies in, following a case of gout last year.

might try broc and zucchini in the same manner next

Yeah, mashed cauliflower is good.