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Masch Needs a New Log


just sayin'

Don't think you can get away with our not noticing.

Recovering from injury is no excuse!

Your fans miss you <3


word :slightly_smiling:


HAHAHA! I'm going to freaking kill you Lex!!

I'm getting my ACL reconstruction on July 8th, and then training is going to be non-existent for a few months while I'm rehabbing like the dickens. But i'll be back when I'm weight lifting again!

Thanks for looking out girlies, you guys are the sweetest! <3 yas!


Aww this is so cute.

Go on log strike with me Maschy! :stuck_out_tongue:
<3 you girlie. You and your recovery are in my thoughts.


rehab is training. at least it is for me :-/

glad to hear you have a date - but sorry to hear that you need a reconstruction.

miss you too, Nikki <3

i'll figure out where you are hanging out and come stalk you...


I'm not hanging out anywhere actually.
I was gonna chill in Count's log but I recently decided against it.
I told someone in PM that I'll post a log in the Training Logs section but decided against that too.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me
I'm taking preventative measures from another train wreck.

Maschy, if you think that anything you do can possibly bore us, then we failed as log followers.
I, personally, will gladly follow as you post a workout of single leg extensions with nothing but a 1-pound ankle weight =)


speaking of boring, i took a vid of me doing a plank lolz. beat that for boring. i dare ya.

i'm sorry about your logging, nikki.

it was refreshing to read about your training. you are the only chick i know thinking about doing the bodybuilding thing and i was interested to see what you were up to. with your crazy volume and stuff.

hope you start up logging again somewhere at some point.


Lex, you're cracking me up!! Have you been drinking? And you're right, rehab is part of the training process, so you do have a point there...

But as my ramblings in Brutes log indicate (lol! poor Brute!), i'm just a bit "meh" right now and I'm hunkering down. Training my ass off trying to get as strong as possible before I have to shut everything down. I'll definitely bump this thread back up when I'm back in action though! :slightly_smiling:

Or, Nik, maybe this can be a "wayward log" - like a halfway house for insolent girls. (pillow fight!! with rock filled pillows)

Speaking of you, Nik, and your NON logging. I miss you! I'm getting pretty swolle right now btw, not going to lie. How's your progress coming along?

But I feel like my legs don't get the same kind of pump like from my upper workouts. Might add an extra leg day for these last two weeks, just some goblet squats and other random things. UGH! MUST GET STRONG!


Masch, you want a leg pump, throw in some leg tabata routines



Log Schmog......

Pics will do.

OH! & beer too.


Hey Masch-I'm going to the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar in August. http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/seminar/

There is a talk dedicated to rehabbing after ACL surgery. I'll take notes for you! You'll be in my thoughts for your upcoming surgery. Just remember to take it one day at a time. Focus on the present. You will be better than when you started when all is said and done!


Maschy, I think logging your rehab is a great idea! Just putting my vote in, not that this is a democracy or anything.

Nikki, I'm sad that there won't be a new nikki-log but I understand.


You are more then welcome to haunt my log Maschy!!!!!! Nikki too !!!!
Well, as long as you pop in time to time I will take what I get :slightly_smiling:


I demand her log be in "all other logs."

Join the darkside Masch.


your body.
i luffs it.


I'll just leave this here for Masch.
Hey maybe this could be PW flavoured TK.


Yeah Maschy!!!
He's cheering you on. :slight_smile:


It's only the dark side because TN doesn't turn on the lights for you all.
Ya'll are just the others, you don't need lighting.


I vote for a rehab log. Everyone can learn from it at some point.

Nikki, what's this train wreck you speak of?


it wasn't me - it was the chicken!

nom charlie.