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Mas Macros Shirts?!


As the responses and following of our little podcast have shown a very receptive audience, we decided to listen to the listeners (fans?) and ask them what they wanna know and what they wanna hear.

As such, we are now offering FREE t-shirts featuring the one and only Mas Macros Bandito!

How can you get your calloused, sweaty hands on one? Simple! Just submit a question or topic you wanna hear addressed on future episodes and if we use your suggestion you can start eagerly waiting by your mailbox in anticipation!

And if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to previous episodes, you can check 'em outright here:



How have I not heard this!?

Will definitely be checking out the podcasts. Thanks Stu!


Topic Suggestions:

Weird people and weird antics in the New York/Northeast BB scene. We hear all sorts of insane stories about Gold’s Gym Venice Beach. I’m sure you guys have stories. Just any funny anecdotes, arrests, bad gym behavior, pranks etc…

You three have all earned your place in the BB subculture because you had success. Talk about your failures and how you learned from them. Whether it’s nox preworkout products, a training program that set you back, a diet that didn’t work for you.


Very cool design and podcast!


Can i not just buy one of these shirts?


Topic suggestion:

What are some of the worst bad habits people have when they hire you guys as trainers/contest prep, how do you get them to break said bad habits, and how hard is it?

Everyone thinks they know what they’re doing, but I imagine you guys have a lot of wtf moments…



How do you try to minimise/overcome the various adaptive mechanisms when dieting? Metabolic slowing, cravings, lower NEPA, etc.

I wants me one a them shirts


I’d be interested to hear how all of you guys have evolved your training as your lives have gotten more challenging and you are “post competitive” now


And actually I would be interested to hear you guys talk about applications and considerations for different types of training:

High volume (staying away from failure), HIT style training to failure, your fav splits, isolation , compound, etc…


@Lonnie123 @yogi @cruusial @usmccds423 @Irishman92

Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread and for the suggestions for topics and interest in the T-shirt! They are all good topic for discussion that can fill up podcasts.

Our potential next guest is a long time NPC veteran with contacts and friendships in the IFBB.

Simply send us an email to the address listed on the services page of the Mas Macros site or use the contact form.


Who has competed and been around the sport for 3 decades, had his own column in a popular bodybuilding magazine, and is widely associated with prepping a very well known top Olympia competitor…

@BrickHead did I leave enough clues without giving it away? -lol

If you don’t know who he is, I guarantee you’ll be quite entertained!



Oh oh one more!

Are there any exercises you guys feel are basically worthless, or wouldn’t ever have a client do?

The one I always shake my head out is that weird bird flappy thing where people hold a dumbbell in their hands, put their elbows at 90 degrees and then move the weight in a sideways semi circle (like from their belt buckle to having there arms out by their side). I’m really not even sure what the goal there is


E-mails sent, hope to hear my topic!


I’d like to hear you guys on the trajectory people choose or end up taking through out their athletic/lifting/BB careers and after.

(If you think its a decent subject)
For context- Early in life (pre-teen-late twenties) wrestling,snowboarding, lifting etc. I gave no thought to longevity. It was all right then and there.

30’s- creaks and cracks come up, a few injuries, but hit personal bests.

40’s- slowed down at first, picking back up, thinking long term about life, lifting, and being there for others. Wanting quality and quantity of life.

I really like and appreciate you guys perspectives and how you hash it out.


I got the email. We’ll send it!


Thank you. That’s a great post considering I am thinking about quality of life and longevity too. We did one on the “aging lifter” but I would like to explain upon it and there are two people, a physical therapist and orthopedist, who we are aiming to speak to on the podcast about injuries and wear and tear on the body.

My herniated discs have me VERY careful in the gym now and going forward. Never will underestimate how much an injury can upset one’s life. Thankfully I have no dysfunction from my injury. I can only imagine it for those who have dysfunction.


External rotations?


Yeah kind of but they are done in a way where you aren’t fighting gravity it all, the weight moves only sideways. As opposed to say, sitting on a bench with your knee up, elbow on knee, and then rotating your arm up and down


I’ve seen those. I don’t know what they can be doing.


I know I started into the one on the ageing lifter, but I only get one golden hour every so often anymore, usually between 5:30 to 6:30 AM, when the moon is just right…