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Mas Macros Podcast Episode LIbrary


I figured this would be a good place to throw up links to past and new (as they are recorded) episodes in one place instead of the ocassional mention by Brad, Arash or myself. In listening to some of the older ones, I’m finding myself chuckling a bit at the lack of production quality, but still entertained by the subject matter at hand. Hopefully others will give 'em a listen and appreciate as well. It’s truly a labor of love, as you guys all know how much we three just love “this stuff” :slight_smile:


The Cure to the Frequency Issue with Bro Splits?
Mas Macros Shirts?!
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There is any place other than youtube (SoundCloud for exemple) or is it only on YouTube? (Like that i could listen them during rest period or cardio)


I would really like to listen to these on something other than youtube as well. A downloadable mp3 file would be ideal.


I started listening to this and wondered if Paul Carter would be mentioned. Anyways what you talked about was mostly accurate since it was in context of the fitness industry. This never gets mentioned but I think the definition of an alpha male really depends on what context you are talking about. The leader of the pack definition is key here. Take some random guy you know who is definitely not alpha compared to someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger but maybe in his group of friends he is. At some points in your life this may have even been you even if you didn’t consider yourself to be. As far as these internet celebrities go I suppose if the group is them and their followers then they are alpha by definition. This is because they created a group where they are the leader, easier to do on the internet so take it for what its worth. In the animal world the alpha may just be 1 of 5 or 1 in 20. So if you break our society in many social groups you’d have various definitions depending on the size of the group.


You make some good points. I can certainly say that in some circles in my life, I may be seen as the go-to guy while in others im just one of the pack. In either situation though, I don’t need to know what my role is, nor do I care enough to try and convince others of my higher status. All that does, IMO, is betray some type of inferiority its complex or just self doubt (loathing?)

In the fitness realm, and I refer to the nonsense world of social media, you don’t have to go very far to seen daily selfies by grown me and the constant need to humble-brag or even convince oneself of being worthwhile and someone who should be looked up to or seen as an authority or expert on some manner.

Brad, Arash and I have had many conversations where we talk about doing our best to discuss what we see going on, but also to try hard not to devolve into just calling people out or making fun of their actions. Hopefully we don’t fall into that hole very often. Admittedly we’re just human and we do plenty of laughing and howling just between ourselves. It’s just to easy with some of these “fitness celeries.” Glad you guys are still listening along.

As to the iTunes and downloadable audio versions, we’re working on that (along with a few other things) at the moment. It’s been a very hectic year for all three of us, and the fact that we’ve managed by 11 episodes in the last year (our first ever attempt at this) isn’t too shabby. We could be churning out daily, if not multiple daily rants that are essentially worthless like so many other folks, but so far we’ve felt very good about each topic we’ve addressed. Hopefully the audience feels likewise.

We’ll actually also be setting up an avenue to submit questions to be addressed in future Q&A themed episodes. The highlight of this little bit of audience participation you ask? If we use your question you’ll receive an official, never offered before, collectors item Mas Macros t-shirt!

Thanks for hanging in there with us guys. We really do have a blast doing this (plenty of nights went by where we forget to record anything, and just grabned burgers n beers while discussing bodybuilding anyway -lol)



Episode #12 is up!


The Mas Macros crew post-podcast
(Our resident IFBB pro / Olympian always out-angling everyone else -lol)





This week marks the one-year anniversary for this podcast. Unfortunately, the “busy-ness” of our everyday lives has made it a bit difficult in putting out more content over the past year. However, we plan on increasing our content for the podcasts as well as social media postings in the coming year for people to send their input and inquiries to us.