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Marzouk Out


Decided today that I'm not going to continue posting on these forums any more.

I'll come back when I've made some progress with my training and my body transformation.

Too many trolls and too much bull shit these days.

Thanks to the guys who have given me advice so far.


Aw, buddy.

Take care of yourself. Good luck with your training.


Next time bring a helmet, this here's the internet. It's serious business.



Nah, I got nothin' but love for ya, bro. We just messin' around with the pyramid talk and shit. Sorry to see you go.


I like you Marz. I wish you'd stay.

Obviously you're a serious dude. I hope this helps you attain your goals.

Much success, mate!


Good luck. It's been fun.


Agreed...but the truth is, I've gotten a lot of pms like this lately.

I am wondering if people still think it's happening all of a sudden for no reason.


Hit it hard bro.


He won't be gone long


I wish Marzouk luck and hope your PMS is short-lived.


The funny thing is, he pm'd me that shit like you just did is why.


Considering I know I'm a key antagonist in your decision, I'm slightly torn. For one, I enjoyed tormenting you and hope you know deep down that no true insult was meant by it even though I really didn't agree with a single thing I've saw you post and won't miss you in the slightest.

But on the other hand, I hate knowing that I am part of a reason someone is leaving a website that is so beneficial to all of our shared goals. But then I remember that you wished death upon me and my kin several times, so yeah...peace out.

Oh and the fact that you think this is thread worthy is laughable...


you think you are important enough to make a GAL thread about yourself?

people these days.



Take it easy Marz... I will miss your tips of the day that only happen once every other month lol

I will also miss your mustache clad face being posted in my mustache thread. You were one of the only members here manly enough, brave enough, mustachioed enough to post themselves in The Official Mustache thread... And for that, I thank you.

Do what you gotta do and I look forward to seeing you post here once again. Don't let the haters get ya down... That's why they invented the "ignore" function

In the words of an old friend:
"Go Get It... And Come Back Wid It!"


Bwahaha no shit what a drama queen


The give a fuck meter in ur avi is malfunctioning clearly it should be in the red


Aren't you that troll from the Egypt thread?


I lol'd


Yeah, let's all not come back till we're all serious about the lifting of heavy things.