Mary Poppins

I’m always happy to try and give you a good laugh, Tone. I’ll leave it up to the other dudes around here to give you that “good vibe” you’re lookin for.

(kidding! kidding!)

[quote]InTheZone wrote:
Just flunked or achieved a C,(best scenario), on a bitch of an exam. Wasn’t able to do any damn studying due to personal shit that’s been going down, and I needed a good laugh and a good vibe, and you guys gave it to me!!

              Your crazy friend,

Its not nice to pick on the mentally challenged (marypoppins). cant we just all get along?

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JohnnyBlaze wrote:
It’s not uncommon at all, but I was just playing around at being a homo.

Yeah, that’s what I thought :wink:




hey now, y’all saying you have to be a homo to use Southern slang? If so I take offense to that having been raised in the South (granted not the DEEP South). Now y’all don’t come back, ya hear?? LOL

If the board prefers I can start saying you’s guy’s as my mom is from NY but I find that pretty annoying.

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ToneBone’s compliments are great, but when life shits on me I just log on to and check out the daily figure competitors.

And then rub one out.

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football061 wrote:
Schwarzenegger wrote:
InTheZone wrote:
We all know you’re a funny son of a bitch, but I haven’t been all that well lately, and after a while it wears on me.

This reminds me of that Chris Crocker Brittney Spears video, “she’s not well right now!” Although I can’t imagine you as flamboyant.

I try to make sure you guys get compliments from me as often as possible to offset all the crap life shits down on everyone from time to time, some more often than others.

Instead of compliments, why don’t you clean up the shit like a real friend?

See, I can be mean too. Actually I just ignore people when I’m in a bad mood, or when I want to criticize them. These are typically time times I don’t post very often, and God knows there are enough stupid people to criticize. I figure it’s like homeless people: you can give one a dollar, maybe even give a couple money or whatever, but there are WAY too many to make any difference, and they’re likely to blow the money on booze anyway.

I could criticize stupid people, but it’s overwhelming. There are too many for me to make a difference, and they’re likely too stupid to understand the point anyway. I’d rather focus on positive stuff, like letting Tone clean up the shit people throw at me, instead of picking it up and throwing it at other people. However, if I were a monkey it would be a different story.

this totally made me LOL in a good way. Nobody can beat T-Nation for great humor, some of you guys should be stand up comedians.

Sweet Avatar[/quote]
That monkey is totally stronger than me. He’s my idol.

I just stumbled across this thread, initially wondering what the hell a post labelled ‘Mary Poppins’ was doing on here! It has to be one of the funniest threads i’ve read…an argument escalating over pretty much nothing…fantastic!