Mary Enig v's Udo

Q - Is this woman in a better position to say this about Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill: Udo Erasmus: This book is about an important technical topic, is creatively written by a non-scientist; has numerous errors and embellishments in basic nutrition and fats and oils information.

I think she is, after reading a lot of her articles at and
Lets get some opinions on who we think the experts are,
and has anybody read her book ‘Know your Fats’???

The major difference between the two is that Enig thinks saturates are good, while Udo does not. Despite the convential wisdom floating around that saturated fats are bad, she makes a very strong argument in their favor. To answer the question, I think she is more qualified than Udo to speak about Fats, and is definitely a voice that should be heard. She is really going out on a limb with her views and clearly has nothing to gain into fooling us all into eating saturates - she is only giving her approval because she believes thats what the research shows.


Found this thread in the search…and I’m interested in seeing everyone’s thoughts on the matter.


Wait for the Cassinator to get in on this one.

Doesn’t E~ also sell udo’s stuff?


I’m on the fense! I have read her stuff as well and it was very good. I’m not techinical enough in this regard to make a comment. I think I smell a t-mag interview. That’s right Chris you don’t have enough work to do! Bitch! :wink: