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Marvels: The Avengers (Trailer)


Goddam !


Opens on May 4, the above trailer will be shown during halftime of the SuperBowl.




awesome, needed more hawkeye




Marvel Earth 616 is getting ready for The Avengers movie by introducing the Samuel L Jackson Fury into it. Check out Fear Itself 7.1 where Fury sacrifices the last of his infinate forumula to heal Bucky Barnes(Captain America 7) and in the Battle Scars the current mini series the main character is in fact Fury's illegitamate son who will probably take over SHEILD at the end of the book.


This isn't new...and frankly, I'm not excited as I should be. I just don't see this one living up to the hype


I guess I have to see Captain America and Thor first.


Loki seems to be cranking up the sweaty, mulleted villainy in this.


Check your T, cuz I was about ready to unleash hell from the trailor alone.


He's a vegan, that should explain his statement.


Yeah...you should. I personally liked Cap better than Thor...but that is only because Cap is slightly more based in reality to me and I like how they didn't choose some skinny actor who barely lifts for the role.
Thor was faster paced and possibly edited better though.

Either way, the only one I think they undoubtably got completely right was Iron Man I.

I liked the second Hulk movie also and hate Norton ditched the role because he wanted more control over the character.

truth is...I think Norton knew what he was talking about.


I hate that we're agreeing on something...it would have been nice to see Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr on screen together.

Regardless of how well this movie does, it's going to live in the shadow of The Dark Knight Rises this summer...regardless of how well TDKR does as well


Fuck, no Ed Norton in this?



That's the same trailer they released before. The new one is suppose to air during the super bowl.


Yep it's the old trailer. Still keen on watching though, releasing the day before my birthday. Hoping it's the first movie I see after becoming a dad, I've been meaning to watch many movies over the last couple of months but reasoned with myself to give it a miss. May will be just nice.


Yeah he dropped out quite some time back. I can't say Mark Ruffalo is up to the task - I only remember him in ROMCOMs - which is to say "not at all" lol


Wow, potshot.

Dude, it's 2012! Let it go!


Norton and RDJ partnership would have been epic. Would completely overshadow Hemsworth and Evans. Norton brings intensity and prepardness to every role and RDJ is probably one of the best actors of our time, glad he didn't go the Sheen route.

Iron Man I and Hulk 2 (??) are still my favourites though.

I'm sure "character actors playing superheroes" has been discussed enough on this board but I'm still very much in favour of it.