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Marvel vs. Capcom 3....!


I know..I know...there's a Geek thread. But I think this is too big of news for us geeks and needs it's own thread.


OH...SHIT. Dude I have been waiting forever for this I am speechless. Thanks for the heads up Boss.

Wol, I do believe you and I have unfinished business.


YES! At last, looks awsome cant wait to kick ass with logan


Wow almost worth it to buy a ps3 almost I


Looks sick but Chris Redfield vs The HULK ?? hmmm


hollyyyyyyyy fuckn hell batman OMGGGG!!!!!!!!

"Capcom recently unveiled the game, which is slated to hit the Xbox 360 and PS3 in late 2010 or early 2011. "

I'm sure we'll hear more news at this years E3.


My life is now complete


I guess I need to go from "shit" to suck" at MvC2 then.


What does that tool think hes doing in the end? No bullet is gonna hurt the hulk.




Maybe it's a bullet coated with Valium and Ecstasy.


Easier said than done.


I still have MvC2 for dreamcast... I know I'll be rusty when 3 hits.


First of all, Why the fuck is Wolverine in this video? He was never that cool or important in those MvC games. Ryu should have been fighting Cyclops or Cable.

Second, it looks bad ass, but it won't compare to Mvc2

Third, bring it Pootie....because you didn't bring it yesterday!!!


Wonder if an Arcade version is on the slate for the few communities that are still left(in the states at least, in Japan arcades are still huge).




I heard about this yesterday. PSYCHED. I still have my Dreamcast one and have it on Live, too (same name on live as here, if anyone wants to get down). I hope they keep the same engine from the last 2 (might change it seeing what they did with SF4).

I also hope they have more characters than the last one. I loved the last one, one of my favorite games. But there were so many characters that they missed and should have put in. They already showed some new characters (Dante, Deadpool, etc.). But they were also missing a lot of Darkstalkers characters (J. Talbain, Demitri, etc.) they should have used the MMX characters instead of the gay MML characters (especially Zero). Obviously they could have included more street fighter characters. Some Final Fight characters would be good, too.

And why did they have Thanos, but no Warlock or Silver Surfer? Spiderman and Venom, but no Carnage? or at least a one or 2 more Spiderman enemies. No Bishop or Archangel? Coulda put in more Avengers like Vision and Thor.

They could easily make the character total in the 70s or 80s and I'd be giddy as a school girl.


are you nuts? 70-80 characters....do u know what kind of balancing problems that could lead too? MVC2 had like 30-40 if i remember right and that had some serious broken shit, fun but broken....it seems like this is running on the tvc engine which could be either good or bad.....time will tell


My thumbs are blistering up from just thinking about this.


i love pineapples