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Marvel vs Capcom 2: WolBarret vs Vash


BJs and Waffles vs Bad108

Summary: I whipped his ASS! He fought well and the man was a humble opponent. But I took my right foot and inserted it into his rectum. No lube. I didn't even spit on my foot.

Omega Red took a chunk out of his soul. Don't fuck with the coils.

18-2. Much respect to my friend, Vash. But on a good note, I did overhear him telling his GF to make him a sandwich. And she did it! Vash is a pimp, ya'll.



I guess my next opponent will be Pootie. Friday or Sunday. I'll make sure to drink a few beers so I'll have plenty to say, buddy. And no cheating, sir.





Screw that, Pancakes forever. Go WolBarret!


Ah poor Vash... We need to make time so all of us are on at the same time. I might have time this thurs but this weekend I got some trim coming through, so my playtime might be hindered a bit.

Thanks for the support Polo.

Go Waffles!!


Thursday is fine for me. Hopefully Vash will show up and I can watch you two use cheesy characters against one another.(Strider, Magneto, etc.)


there's certainly a lot of sam jackson love going on in this thread


Wol is my homeboy.

Pancakes make the man. Waffles are foo-foo food for pansy boys.


I expected that from a bass player...

A drummer always goes for waffles and everyone knows drums>bass