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Marvel vs Capcom 2: WolBarret vs Pootie Tang


Last night, Pootie and myself faced each other one on one in the epic fighting game known as Marvel vs Capcom 2. I told him I would post about match results.

Pootie Tang: Cheesy bastard who uses Iceman, Magneto, and other power characters. And he talks so much shit! It was 1am and he was still talking shit.

Myself: I did ok. I used different characters and got a few surprise victories. I couldn't keep up with Mayor McCheese though.

Vash and Bujo. If you guys are trying to play, one of us can always create a match. Be prepared for Pootie's trash talking though.


Was he busting out Matrix and Santhrax and MSP and shit like that?


Wol you lying bastard! First off if ANYONE was a cheese master it was yo cheesing ass. He started out playing as we all do, picking his main characters and doing what they do best. Yet there was something very Kraft Singles like in his playing style. Nothing as ridiculous as the Doctor Doom/Strider assist move. BUT he does use Dr doom in all his cheesiness air spamming his ass off.

Then he turned into a real XBL douche bag. He started picking the EXACT SAME TEAM as me, every god damn time. The first time it was cool, fun even. Then it got ridiculous all the while he was have a nerdfest over at his crib with like a 12 person Xbox orgy at his crib.

So he is talking to me then some next dude and then...SHIT TALKING HIS ASS OFF when he gets a vic telling me he has an audience and he apologizes for whopping my ass in front of them.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed our battles and the Wol is a great competitor but lord have mercy on him when i catch him on XBL again, "THERE WILL BE BLOOD AND PAIN, AS YOU CANNOT IMAGINE!"


Best fucking game ever.

Wol, use Cable, Ironman, Wolverine. Keep people away with the lasers then have Wolverine come and fuck shit up close range.


So... you lost.

Does this mean Dathibluline is taking your place in the Black JLA?


Wol was kicked out last year. We had to make room for people who actually had muscles to fill out the suit.


Side note: what the hell is going on in Wol's avatar?


I believe that is a scene from "Drag Me To Hell"


Omega F'ng Red in the house! You'll get your re-match. Hell, we can play tonight. 8-10pm. Your option. I really want a lobby with you, me, Vash, and Bujo. Vash and Bujo would fight while I commentate. You would silent and angry.

Fuck Iceman. Cheesy son of a bitch. If I get hit with another Ice Beam, I swear...

To the guy who suggested using Wolverine, I personally dislike that character and hate his fanbase. So I would never use Wolvie by choice. Thank you, though.


Son of a bitch, I got kicked out. I'm lower than Green Arrow. Hell, I'm lower than Booster Gold. I'm even lower than the Wonder Twins' Monkey. Damn.

You can keep your new Black Captain Marvel. I'll start my own Black Justice League. Recruiting is gonna suck....


No, its Swedish porn. I downloaded it a week ago and I got a friend of mine to make it into a gif. Fisting isn't just for the butt anymore.


WB, what's your gamertag again? I thought I'd added you.


Truly a worthy off topic post,

as an 09er I applaud you all ^^

(this thread was better then most of the useless crap on this subsection)


any of you guys play sf4?


I changed gamertags, Vash. Current gamertag: BJs and Waffles

You should get in on this action, Vash. The trash talking Pootie dos is hilarious.


Sarcasm will get you no where, Dilla.


Me, Pootie, Vash, and Bujo used to. I'd play you. I will cheat and use Akuma. I will spam air hadoukens all day.


Once again you exaggerate, my trash talking is moderate at best. We played again last night and had good matches, with the limited time I had. I can say that I have a DEEP SEATED HATE for Guile and his Tom Foolery, and yes Barret is a damned cheese factory with Dr. Doom. So when you play Barret be prepared to take down his address so you can send him a flaming bag of dog shit.

Vash we usually play in the evenings after 8, feel free to join us. Shit we can make a T-Nation room and get it the rest of the guys who have this game in on the action.

My gamer tag is: P00TIE TANG 22 (the two O's are zeros)


lol thatd be fine by me, it wouldnt last long....are you xbl only or do u have psn?


I beat the hell out of Wol on RockBand 2 and he was so butthurt he got rid of the game.