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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: PS3!!!!

It was released on the PSN today!!

I’m downloading the demo right now… I used to play this game in the arcades and on the DC 24/7!!

Did anyone try it yet???

You lucky mother fuckers. I’d much rather play this than SFIV.

Just download a free emulator like Kawaks or MAME for your PC, download the ROM and play away :smiley:

Have they updated it at all (graphics, characters) or is it just the original version, ported to the PS3?

I think SFIV is more of a pure fighting game than MvC2, but I remember having Magneto, Iron Man and Psylocke (I think) and kicking some ass :slight_smile:

My Korean (any surprise??) friend could murder me with serve bot.

wow man, thanks for the info. I had no idea about this.

Marvel vs Capcom is one of my favourite games, ever.