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Marvel Universe Strength Scale





For the record, DC doesn't keep a Strength scale so they can lie about the power of their characters.

As for the Marvel scale, its great. But remember that the 100 ton and up class of people can lift 100 tons with ease or very stressed.

For example, Thor can lift an excess of 100 tons with ease. Hulk can lift 75 tons at the most, but after he gets angry, he goes beyond 100 ton class and doesn't stop.


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Further justification of Hulk, Thanos, and Galactus' omnipotence.


The Hulk can't have babies?


lol! thank you for that. :slight_smile:


Crusader - 25 tons (While he is at the peak of his religious faith)

Need to find me a bible group.




Once in awhile is one thing, but constantly, and total lack of OC is, well just annoying.


wow! didnt know there were so many


adj. Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. See Usage Note at infinite.
n. 1.One having unlimited power or authority: the bureaucratic omnipotents.

2.Omnipotent God. Used with the.


97% sure they were joking :wink:


This is hilarious. Some major props to the nerds that crafted it.


Where's the Punisher?


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So Dave Tate (while not holding back), he'd be like what? above Superhuman incalculable?


Daredevil can lift 450 lb straight overhead?

Yeah right.

As for the Kingpin doing 650: Well, he does have a power belly like Alexeyev. But even Alexeyev "only" C&J'd 563.


boom, DC version


Well holy shit, they finally did it. Took them 5 years, but at least they did it.