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Marvel Subscriptions


I can't remember the last time I bought comics. Years ago, I would blow half my paycheck at the comic book store. I was thinking about maybe picking up a subscription. Any recommendations? I was looking at maybe Wolverine and Uncanny X-Men.


I don't know about subscriptions but, I would recommend picking up trade paperbacks to catch up on current continuity. Now a days, they collect story arcs in single volumes pretty quickly and on the strength of those, you'd have a better idea if you would want to continue following that particular book.



Another problem with subscriptions these days (yes, even in my advanced age, I STILL subscribe) is that some titles are not monthly even when they are supposed to be. Writers and authors appear to have quite a bit of trouble in Marvel-land when it comes to meeting a schedule.


it's the freakin artist...I am a big Mark Texaria fan but that mutha*&#$& was always late with his books. It got so bad with deadlines that most guys had to have at least six books in the bank before they would solicit the first issue. DC had to do that with Jim Lee for the batman HUSH story line.


Which was worth it, because it was a great storyline.


Two of my current faves are Y:The Last Man and Ex Machina, both by Brian K Vaughn.

Other Must Haves if you havent read them:

The Dark Knight (7 books)
Sand Man (10 books)
V for Vendetta


Thanks for the tip. This was my main concern, flipping open the first issue and wondering what the fuck is going on. Looks like Wolverine: Origins isn't that great anyway.


Thanks for making this thread. I have also been thinking about getting back into reading comics, so this gives me some ideas of where to go.


You might also want to look into comic collections on DVD. They are a little pricey, but some of the DVDs include the entire series.

I recently purchased the Ultimate X-Men Collection. It had the first 70 issues in PDF format on the DVD. Only cost like 10 bucks at Best Buy.


How is it? I've thought about that too but I'm ol' school and still like the feeling of having a book in my hand.


Try going to your local comic specialty store and see if they offer a discount on monthly subs. I get 10% off my purchase, a birthday card with coupons and they order specialty items for me when I see something in Diamond.
Also try some DC books
Justice Society
Teen Titans
Simon Dark
and Green Lantern are some of the best things being done right now


I'm the same way. It took a few issues to get over not having the book in my hands. Then, I had to mess around with the Adobe and screen resolution settings to get the page to look right on the monitor.

I thought the series was ok otherwise.


I like trade paper backs myself, not big on supscriptions. Much easier to collect than monthly issues, especially if you travel a lot, and having the full story arc in hand is really nice.

I'm with Lonnie123 "Y: The Last Man" and "Ex Machina" are excellent reads. I've never been disappointed by anything published by Vertigo (a branch of DC). A few Favorites:

100 Bullets

If you dig capes and cowls then check out Marvel's "The Ultimates" (2 TPB volumes) and "The Ultimates 2" (another 2 TPB volumes). It's Avengers written for adults. And New York gets SMASHED by the horniest, psychopathic Hulk ever.

Marvel is also publishing 6 issue mini-arcs of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series. These are 100% hand painted books and absolutely beautiful art work. With the current arc they will begin exploring areas of the Gunslinger's life not really developed by King.


I got all of the Iron Man comics on DVD-ROM and I actually don't like it. It is great knowing I have every comic of his up to about 2006, but it is difficult to read without printing them out...which uses up a lot of ink in color.

As far as subscriptions, I would recommend you just buy the compilations on Amazon. It is what I have been doing lately and it usually includes about 10 issues in one hard/paperback book.


The only problem with TBP's is the wait if you are reading a series in its run. Y:The last man is a 5 year story arch... I came in at around book 4 or 5 I think. I've literally been waiting 8 or 9 months for this last book to come out (July 1st for everyone who doesnt know).

If you happen upon a series that is already fully concluded and in print via TPB then its a goldmine. But the wait sometimes is crazy.


I got pretty up to date on the Marvel Knights Punisher, and Marvel was the worst for trades at one point. Armor Wars just recently traded and that's a storyline from the 80's


I got those when they came out. I am old.


As did I. I used to go to CVS every Wednesday and Fri for new books.


Good to know the last volume for Y is just around the corner. Its been along wait.


I downloaded a comic book reader from the net and simply google in the title and number of an issue I want with the word torrent afterwards and now waste a massive amount of time reading all the latest comics.