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Marvel? Or D.C? The Pepsi Challenge.


Don't pick a side, let the side pick you. There are two options before you, and two options only.

Do you see a mirror image of Batman in profile, or a pic of Wolverine? I surprised myself by picking Wolverine - I grew up on old school DC and came to Marvel relatively late.


The yellow jumped out, Wolverine for me.


Wolverine too, but I think that's because it says "Wolverine" right at the top.


Yeah, I tried to counteract that by mentioning Batman first.


I hope this debate is based around the picture alone, because Marvel VS DC would be a joke. DC doesn't have anywhere close to the depth, breadth, or originality that the Marvel universe has.

And, as always, fuck Wolverine.


Didn't I say "don't pick a side, let the side pick you?"

That's a debate for another thread.


Agreed. I dont think you will get honest results unless that is somehow changed. If it could say "What superhero comes to mind when you look at this picture?" or something along the lines of that. Although I believe it looks too much like Wolverine and not enough like Batman.


Brilliant. Start a light-hearted thread with a simple premise, request a one word response, and watch the feathers fly. It's not a psychological experiment: it's an entertaining distraction based on an interesting pic I found and nothing more. The Pepsi Challenge[/i] part implied no thinking required.

I found a version of that pic with arabic text that I didn't save, but if I'd posted it someone would have been able to read the text and complained about how it was biased towards Wolverine. Welcome to the internet.


Make mine Marvel! Well, mostly.


I did good, right? Image Comics FTW MoFos!!!!



Cool pic.


I saw bats cause the nose is jacked up.


originally I saw Wolverine but after looking harder to see the dueling batmans they're all that I see now.






Hell me too. So apologies roybot. I guess the picture is rigged.


Right on! Wolverine FTW!


I saw Wolverine.

I'm a fan of Image and Top Cow these days.