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Marvel Black Panther Movie in the Works


This had better get done, and soon. Who do you think should get the lead role? I say Djimon Hounsou, the big black guy from Gladiator/Amistad


Professor X.


Pootie Tang


I vote Peter Mensah




Doctore for the win, that guy is fantastic on the show, and he's in that good of shape at 51 !


I vote Tyreese Gibson...if you want to have a shitty movie.


Still agree, he's up there on my list.


And the bloke is actually African too. Perfect for the role.


WAY too old. I agree with Michael Jai White. Has the look, not to mention he has the athleticism to pull it off naturally.


Still vote for Idris Elba. There's something regal about him that would fit the role well. And, he's about 1000x better actor than White.


"Which of These 9 Men Should be the Black Panther"

Seems like Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje really wants the part, but I just can't seem him pulling it off 100%.

Though, I guess the dude who made this mock-up trailer thinks he can:




ooh i love word scrambles!


Off topic, but Samuel L Jackson was a real black panther. I think he held some of his college administrators hostage.


Been "in the works" for at least five years now. Wesley Snipes wanted to do it and play Blade. He even chatted about it publicly. This was before Blade Trinity.

I still say they could and should tie BP in with the Avengers movies. Vibranium could be explained to Joe Public as being of Asgardian origin. A 'magical' metal falling to Earth and having an isolated, yet advanced culture build around it has the makings of a great story.




Asgard has Uru though.


Eminem, because he's more black then all them combined...kidding.

I go with Michael Jai White or Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (just because I have yet to figure out how to say his name, and he fits the role okay).


Asgard? Vibranium isn't magic. It works by absorbing all vibrations from light to sound. If you get shot while wearing his costume (made of vibranium), it absorbs the momentum of the bullet...so it doesn't ricochet off, it simply stops and falls.

That is the metal Stark will combine with the metal his father found to create Caps shield.