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Marv Marinovich

I have been reading about Marv Marinovich and his training techniques. He had no formal training but seems to have a very good grasp on things. He had a son he made into a QB for Southern Cal. Anyone?

His son played one partial season at USC. He was drafted by the Raiders and never amounted to anything in the NFL. After his brief stint in the NFL, he spent a few years bumming around Southern California, getting into a lot of trouble. More recently, he made a return to football (arena league) as a backup qb for the LA team. A few months ago, he was arrested for heroin possesion. Obviously, there were a few lessons Marv didn’t teach his kid.

His father had strict rules for todd growing up, as a baby he sucked on either raw kidney or raw liver rather than a pacifier, and later he admitted he had his first big mac in college. I saw this on a TV interview when he played for the raidaaaasss!

If I’m not mistaken, Marv’s training techniques involve a lot of explosive movements, plyometrics, etc. There are quite a few professional athletes who make a pilgrimage to the West Coast to train under Marv, Jason Sehorn of the Super Bowl-bound New York Giants being one of them.