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Marv Marinovich Program

Question: I have a buddy whose son is a HS Jr. BB player. He is considering this program involving very quick movements but using very, very light weights. It may be OK for a BB player but as I am thinking, NOT beneficial for football training. This, despite Troy Palomalu as a disciple of Marv’s. IMO, he is naturally strong anyway. I realize speed is critical but think that the ability to move a relatively heavy weight fast, is optimal. Thoughts?

As far as sports are concerned, I don’t think there is really any replacement for speed. There are tons of guys who are strong, but the thing that seperates great players from average ones is speed.

With that said… the reason most high schoolers are slow is that they are weak. If this kid is 170# and can squat 350#, than he needs speed training. If he squats 150#, he needs to get stronger. Again, that’s most likely the case, it’s different for everybody though.

I’d suggest a program that mixes both slow movements with heavy weights and quickers movements with lighter weights.

Marv’s stuff has it’s pros (I liked the flexibility it gave me a lot) and it’s cons (ME strength is lacking).

Personally, I’d suggest to your friend that he look in to something like WS4SB and add in a Marv total body workout in the place of the DE Lower Body day that Joe D left out.

OK thanks guys (interesting perspective from an actual Marv participant)…