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Martix Reloaded

Yesterday I saw the Matrix Reloaded at a private press screening (yeah, hate me now). It is to say the least… UN-F***ING BELIEVEABLE! It is sooooo worth the wait. The chase scene (shown in the trailer) will have you clenching the armrests for life (don’t rip them off big guy)! In all likelyhood the regular movie will have the trailer for Revolution at the VERY END of the credits. Enjoy!

So, what your saying is stick around for the end of the credits so that we can see the trailer for Revolution? How did the trailer for Revolution look to u?

The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. I’m still confused about it all but to answer your question it looked amazing. I’m going to see it again next week.

I got tickets for the 10 pm showing on Wednesday night. I’m going to get in line at 8:45 so I can get a good seat. I’m so fucking pumped!!!

One thing I really liked about the first one was the philosophical depth portrayed along the plotline. I haven’t seen the second…yet!

Does this one rank up in terms of plot?

The ending sucks : (

Just got back from a late night peak of the movie myself, great film, still pissed they killed off Trinity though, can’t wait for revolutions

Thanks guy. It’s not cool to give away part of the plot when the movie isn’t out yet. I’d give a you a very special ART move for that boehead move.
I think it would be better to discuss the plot after a week or so. that allows us unfortunate slobs who have to wait for release day to get a shot at the movie.

I hope you are joking!! Cause if you’re not, that is just a dick move to reveal what happens with Trinity!!

Fragile, I think you’re about to be beaten with kendo staffs.

No spoilers.

The Fragile. You’re a real dick for revealing that. Or perhaps just really dumb and inconsiderate.

Fragile WHY DID U REVEAL THAT… I didn’t read it. NOT COOL

Actually, the way to find out if Fragile is telling the truth or not is to check out TIME mag’s article on the Matrix. It discusses scene per scene right up to the end.

I have this issue, and haven’t read it, yet. Not until I see it this Saturday.

One review I have read (and by a critic who’s opinion I respect) has said to go into this with absolutely NO EXPECTATIONS. And you will enjoy it more.

Im going tomorrow night. it comes out on IMAX 2 weeks after, as much as i like towait i know i’ll hear about it so i cant wait.lo

ok first of all mdog. YOU LUCKY BASTARD!! that would be fking sweet to see reloaded in a IMAX THEATER. what realy sucks is i don’t have a car so i don’t know when i can go see it. cause i live where prljamfan lives in butt fuck EGYPT…where i have to go like 60 miles to see a fking movie.
ok i’m done ranting. i’m still realy excited to see it!

What the hell is everyone’s deal? It’s not like you weren’t going to find out when you saw it anyway, give me a break.

It’s called a spoiler for a reason. It spoils the suspense and the surprise. Some people not only watch these movies for the special effects purposes, but also for the story that is being told. Part of the story is in the telling of it, and the telling includes the timing of when the teller lets us know what is going on. You interfered with that in the highest degree, as the life or death of a character is about the most important part of a story. That’s why people are pissed. That’s why you were a dick for spoiling one of the major parts of the plot. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t happen till the end of the freeway sequence, there, you happy? Now you know when it happens.

Fragile: You idiot! Months of anticipation and you go and ruin it the day before I see it? Gee, thanks. You get today’s “Dick of the Day” award. And if you don’t understand why that pissed people off, then you get the retard award as well.

yea dumbass;)