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Martins Licis is the "New" Strongman in Town


Was there ever a strongman that did well at 5ft 8?


Grant Higa is the only heavyweight pro I can think of that is under 5’10" and has won many pro contests or placed highly in them. Granted (no pun intended?), his hay day was around the mid 2000’s before the influx of the cliff giants.

Mariusz and Poundstone were both only 6 foot on a good day, and were clearly out performing taller guys like Ostlund (6’7") and Ortmayer (6’4").

Given the above, it seems WSM started to shift events to cater more to larger guys around 2010-2011. Not sure if this is realistic but there was a paradigm shift somewhere along the way…I think.


Welp I guess Ill do powerlifting or bodybuilding haha. Bodybuilding seems to favor people in the 5ft6-5ft10 range.


Andre Raynes, 5’5 and 300lbs. Made it to Worlds.


Seen there, cheating like hell.

Next closest would be 5’10 320lb Vytautas Lalas


There are weight classes in strongman. Why not compete at 175 instead of worrying about being a pro?


Great mentions wow. I feel so unaware, though I knew of all those guys. Btw, Raynes was a monster squatter. Remember seeing him on TV when it originally aired. I must’ve been 7-8 years old. Blew my mind someone could be that fucking dense.


Is that a ring he’s using to compensate for reach? I get that strongman invites cheating but that’s some next level stuff haha.


Yup. No one said you couldn’t do it, haha. I honestly thought about doing something similar using those rubber bracelets that are so popular theses days.


LMAO, if someone did that these days, could you imagine the reaction of bystanders?

“Uh…is that…leg–…what? Hey! Stop! Hey…shit he just won the event. Shit. Fuck.”


The smaller competitors in strongman are overlooked and shadowed by the huge guys.


It reminds me of the story of Phil Pfister starting the farmer’s walk from standing rather than with implements on the floor and just completely blowing everyone away.

Or Jesse Marunde using tacky on the farmer’s walk.

Just one of those “That’s clearly…crap, rules don’t say you can’t”

And this is why the rules meeting is so insane now, haha.


If you’re pursuing strongman for fame and fortune, you’re going to be VERY disappointed.


To a large degree, at the pro level, and generally only among heavyweights, yes.

Any other scenario, you’re totally fine with what you were born with, trust me lol. Plus there’s hardly any 6’8" 150-230lb guys. :slight_smile:


LOL wow. OR the best one…Mariusz using cocaine as a preworkout. Fuck yeah Mariusz, don’t take no shit!

(don’t think he actually took it during contest)