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Martins Licis is the "New" Strongman in Town


This guy’s channel is awesome. World’s 4th strongest man. I’ve been binge watching.

Martins trains at Odd Haugen’s gym. Odds (pun intended) are, Odd Haugen is easily the strongest 69 year old in the world. Odd Haugen makes the odd (pun…) occasional apearance in these vids, and never disappoints.

(disclaimer: yes, I know Odd is pronounced more like “ode”)


Yep, I’ve been watching his videos for a while. Definitely entertaining.


I like seeing that he sometimes struggles and sometimes fails… badly. Too many of these pros have hard sessions but generally dominate their session.


Exactly. These are “real” workouts.

Licis says in a couple of videos -can’t put that on instagram…

If all these schmoes running around the forums spouting crap could see what training looks like for one of the world’s strongest humans, they might possibly gain some insight. Instead, they see all those easy peasy PRs because genetics, drugs, “special” programming, blah blah blah.

edit to add: notice it’s often light outside when the training starts, and dark by the time he’s done; (…but I try so hard, and I have no results, what’s the secret?, whine, whine, whine…)


Plus he’s obviously a good dude who exudes friendly vibes.


Even in his earlier videos before he got popular he was a really nice charasmatic guy.


Simply an awesome video -Maaartins!!!

(You have to watch it for Arnold alone, he’s still the man, still has the charisma.)


Mateusz Kieliszkowski at 13:55 one motioned a 175kg/385lb log not once, not twice, but THREE times.

That was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in strength. It deserves its own thread honestly LOL


What about the stone in the last event. He got it 5x and made it looks easy


Haha, just as you posted this I was finishing the video up. I was sitting in my chair borderline screaming “GO MARTINS GO!” during the stones.

What a contest! Martins, Heinla and Mateusz are in a league of their own. With respect to Pritchett and Caron of course. JF was prime for contention in high placings for sure. Pritchett always seems to be dealing with a bicep injury, even though he casually pulled 950lbs.


Same here.

Second best was the Arnold moment beginning around 22:00 minute mark. (paraphrase) Arnold: How do you feel? Martins is a machine, a machine does not feel…
Martins: I am not obsolete, I am superior…



more or less impressive than his work with the natural stone at the Arnold?

I kinda wished I didn’t know he got 5 before watching it. But even knowing it was gonna happen, still super exciting to actually watch.


About the same. I was astounded when he did the stone shoulder last year, but I think I was more shocked with the one motioning just because he did it SO easily. I mean, seriously…385lbs for 3 reps one motioned? 385lbs is no joke for even the top placing guys at worlds, and that’s going to help him so much in the future on any log event. I think if the log isn’t for max, he’ll probably win the event with flying colors.

Yeah. I didn’t expect Martins to win for some reason, but being that he did…man, he really exceeded my expectations. Hope him and Mateusz somehow (not likely, ever) overtake Shaw and Hafthor.

Here’s to hoping a 7 foot 500lb Hafthor Bjornsson clone doesn’t come out of the boondocks somewhere in Scandinavia or some shit and just start dribbling 400lb atlas stones like a savage. Really tired of the giants in the sport honestlly. :frowning:


Same. The stone last year, I didn’t know he would have it so easy but I knew what to expect. The absolute last thing I expected to see was a friggin one motion log haha My eyes literally did this:


Part of me wonders if he has an easier time viper-ing it that racking the log.He is so explosive that it isn’t outside the realms of possibility. Imagine he tries this with the Austrian Oak haha


I’d imagine so, but by nature of the fact he can one motion it would (could) imply he has some unlockable conventional log clean and press strength, just has to hone it a bit perhaps.

Regardless, his deadlift is pitiful compared to the top guys. If he gets his pull up 100lbs he’ll be set to do some serious damage.


Saw a clip of licis mas wrestling Larry wheels but it was only the first few seconds. I want the rest of the footage


They get naked by the end.


Link pls for research purposes


you seen Dylan Lockard? lol. Another giant making some fast progress.


Yeah saw him at nationals. Scary guy. Then again, Trey Mitchell and a few other guys are sporting the less gargantuan physique and I hope they can somehow make steady enough improvements to stay healthy and get themselves to worlds or the arnold pro.

Not that I dislike Shaw or Hafthor, but I just feel like they truly do get a discount when it comes to things like medleys, stones and truck pulls.

I wonder if small guys will ever get compensated on events for lack of height. It’s odd how sometimes multiple events clearly favor guys of height but no one seems to care nor do they complain.