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Martins Licis & Beast Building

Hi coach,

I was just watching Martins Licis’ training log (fourth at World Strongest Man last year) where he mentioned he was using the method you described in your Beast Building article during this training cycle.

Thought you might be interested. Starts at about 7:15 here:


Wow, awesome. Hopefully he doesn’t beat my friend J-F Caron because of it :slight_smile:


Would you still get a good effect by using a shorter time? Or is 20min optimal to allow enough reps?

I’ve used up to 30 minutes. 10 minutes is likely not long enough at the percentages recommended or might make the athlete rush into it to get more reps, then get bad technique which kinda defeats the purpose.

Just got a chance to read the Beast Building series. Phases 1 and 2 seem excellent, I’ll have to add this one to my list of programs to try.

thanks coach!

that’s awesome! what a cool shout-out.

Hey CT, you mentioned you’re friends with Caron. Do you think he’s got the potential to improve on his recent 5th’s at WSM? I’ve been a fan of his for awhile, it was awesome seeing his huge deadlifts at the Arnold last year. I’ve always wanted to see him make the podium at WSM, but I worry that his best years may be behind him.

JF will be stronger this year.What helped him is that he’s been injury free for all of his career. He is also a workaholic; you have no idea of the volume he does in the gym. What also helps is that he trains with Jimmy Paquet who is almost as strong so they can push each other.

His only issue is his size (which is kinda ironic when talking about a guy who is 330lbs). He is on the short side (6’2") for a strongman which hurts him on many events.

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That alone is absolutely incredible. I can’t think of a single highly competitive strongman athlete who has competed as long as he has who can say the same.

oh, and side note: your ‘pendulum bodybuilding’ program was the first fully structured program I ever ran, to the letter. I believe it was 15 years ago.

Especially since he competes 10-15 times a year.

I should add that pressing is actually Martins’ weakness.

He also seems to use Beast Building for deadlifting where he has some serious credentials. 800 lbs/363 kg x 8 with an axle last year at Giants Live. That’s mind boggling.

What are your thoughts on a 4 day upper/lower split using the 20min “beast building” for main lift + some “best damn” style accessory work?

Thanks in advance

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Very solid plan


Looks like he hurt his hamstring on his first deadlift attempt. Bummer, he looked pretty collected going into the event.