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Martinis and CuttingGel: which is worse?

  1. ok, so I’m an asshole, I BOUGHT this Cutting Gel stuff…supposed to - dare I say it - “spot reduce” fat…what do you guys know about it. If works (I’m in my first week) its the holy-fucking-grail …
  2. my wife, my doctor, all tell me about the evils of drinking, blah, blah…but seriously, i wanna hear from the hardcore muscleheads - will drinking a few martinis a day prevent me from building muscle?

I actually bought the cutting gel as well basically just buying it to prove to someone that it didnt work. I was pissed because he was gushing about how good it is, ( i mean since he read the whole ad he must know)… Anyhow I planned to return it if I didnt see phenomenal results, and I saw nothing, NOTHING whatsoever in addition to what I was doing with my diet and exercise. So i sent it back and got the 90$ back on ym credit card. I have to give them props though for at least offering and honoring the money back guarantee.

A few martinis a DAY!!! Your kidding right? I mean my doctor tells me the evils of smoking but whats a few cigs a day right? Come on man! You mind as well have an estrogen drip started in you arm. A casual drink is no big deal, but a few a day is called gut rot. I’d be really concerned that your on the road to alcoholism, if I were you. The search engine should bring up some interesting hits about the relationship between alcohol,dropped t levels, and raised estrogen.

I’m not going to go on about the evils of drinking but to answer your question about whether or not a few martinis a day will hinder your progress: ABSOLUTELY. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol can affect your T levels for up to 24 hours afterwards (I believe).

a few martinis a day or a weekend? If i were you i would limit it to the weekend.

2-3 a week is ok…2-3 a day, you should know better.


Cutting Gel worked on my girlfriend. I haven’t used it personally but my girlfriend used twice the dosage instead of what it said and only used it on her waist. She lost 3inches in 30 days but she did notice a side affect. Because she had a busy month at work and couldn’t get in as much cardio as usual the fat just went elsewhere. Her chest and hips. Now I personally didn’t mind this since I love curves on a girl but it was a pain for her because her bra’s got tighter but she was happy that her waist shrunk down. She has been off it for 2 weeks now and so far none of it came back to that area so she will wait another 2 weeks and try it again. We will keep you posted.

Weeeell, in my experience it depends on where you are, developement wise. I made nice gains in strength and size for a couple of years while knocking down 2-3 maritinis (beefeaters-up) during warm weather, and the equal in shots of Crown Royal (thank you Canada) in cold. As you progress gains become harder and you gotta get the formula closer to right to advance. On the other hand one of the greatest rewards I have found from being bigger, leaner, and stronger, is I can drink more, and enjoy it more, without the side effects (hangovers). Flame me if you want but that has been my experience. Party on guys- in the words of the immortal Oscar Wilde “Work is the curse of the drinking classes”.

I think I may still make my own cutting gel when I get back to the states in the spring.