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Martin Rooney's DVD's for MMA


I finally got to watch these things and I have to tell you to check them out. Adam Singer, Forrest Griffen's coach is standing behind them and has no tie's to sales or Martin.
They are awesome, really compliment the book and are funny at times.

If you're into MMA these are must haves.
Awesome workouts with the tred sled, sprints, tire flips, sledges, focus mitts, lifting, neck work, grip work, core and hybrid work, bar complexes, Lactic acid circuits....and more stuff.

Movement prep and dynamic warm up, take down specific work...I can't say enough about this


I know Martin and his stuff is good. He's a great MMA S&C coach.

Shameless self promotion coming up

And make sure you pick up a copy of my new grappler's guide to sports nutrition to go along with it. The weight cutting section alone is worth the price of the entire book. We have UFC guys, Pride guys, Real Pro wrestlers, and USA wrestling team guys using this stuff. It's no joke.