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Martin Burkham (Leangains) Consult up for Grabs


I finally got through his waitlist, and I'm not going to go through. His prices are outrageous, like Insanity.

I can pass this on if anyone wants.

Price: 1500/mth. yeah...

Also does weekly.



The guy is in ridiculously shape, but that's a lot of fucking money from some guy with a blog...


That's funny, I just came up a week ago as well and I'm not going to do it either.

You are incorrect, however. It is $795 for a one week consultation with progression guidelines. It is $1500 if you do the 4 week consultation but is upon referral only.

I'm not going to do it either as I've gotten to where I want to be on my own fortunately by following his principles.

It took me eight months to get a response... supply and demand... he can charge what he wants.


Ridiculous price that is not even worth considering. It's that simple. I'm a big fan of his blog, but 1500$ a month for online consulting is in the realm of absurd for this type of service. Go with Shelby Starnes or Alan Aragon and pay less than half to get better consulting.

That's just my two cents.


Hey guys,

I'm on leangains. I would never pay that much either. lol. But I don't hold it against Martin - he's got to make the cash while he's in demand! .. I envy him.

Quick one - does anyone know what calorie intake Martin recommends? (bulking vs maintenance vs cutting).

I'm 189lbs now, from 200 lbs. Following leangains at 2750 calories. Getting a lot leaner, around 13.4% BF now. Just worried that I may be under eating. I would like to be around 9/10% by end December.



Go with shelby


u mad?


Although bro-Shelby will probably have you eating every 3 fricking hours and going low carb.


I agree that it seems steep, but if any of you who are in awesome shape had to put a price on it, I would think it would be even greater than that. I can't imagine how much I'd be willing to pay if I was obese.

The feelings, both physically and mentally, that come with being in great shape are rivaled by little else.


What's even greater than that is to be in awesome shape but not having enough money to buy gas for your car...


Bottom Line is this - If you read his Blog you'd know the basic structure of things. By Following this, AND eating clean, I mean real clean not Brown bread etc, Then you could see results.

I don't know what the hell he can do extra (Aside from shipping bottles Of Enanthate to your damn door) to justify that price. It's outrageous.

Although What was said about Shelby is true (eat 2-3 hours, and low carb) It works for the mean population.. Say 15-85 percentile.


Ridiculous? I don't think so. It is like what other posters have said; he is in high demand and charges accordingly. If he was cheaper I'm sure his waiting list would be 8 years instead of 8 months.


I would love to see what 1500 bucks a month has created in others. I am hoping there are some NPC level physiques coming out the other end. If this is just so average people can get lean, I don't get it.


Like others have said, I just don't understand the justification for the price. His methods are outlined on his website, and they're not complicated. He's in high demand because his approach is relatively new, simple, and you can eat an eighty-pound cheesecake once a month while staying at five percent BF.

I'm not knocking him at all, because I follow an IF protocol myself, and think he has some of the better articles on nutrition topics on his website, but I don't see why anyone would pay him that much. It seems unnecessary, especially after waiting eight months.


Why do athletes get paid millions of dollars? Why is water more expensive than gas? Because people will pay for it. The price is set at what people will pay, and that makes it worth the money. Simple as that. Maybe not to you, but I'm sure he wouldn't charge as much money if nobody was paying for his service.


Based on the pictures, I might pay that much for his mother's cheesecake recipe.

But I bet there's a waitlist.


I wonder what many of those people actually do while they are waiting eight months for Marty to crack an egg of knowledge on them... only to decide when the time (finally) comes that they definitely need to fork over that kind of money to get where they need to go.


This is funny. Of course it's supply and demand. Simple Economics.

However, the post above about Shelby is spot on. He is MUCH cheaper, and you'll probably get the same results. The only difference is eating more often and probably less carbs.

That said - I just re-read the email I'll post an Excerpt:

Option A: 4-Week Consultation

With Continuous Feedback (referral or application only)

Note: Option A is generally speaking only available via a referral from another client.

Alternatively, you can apply for Option A by filling out a questionnaire. After having read your answers, I will tell you if you are eligible for this option.

What you will receive from me:

  • A tailor-made diet and training plan, aligned with your goal. Your diet plan will include specific calorie and macronutrient intake for different days. I will also make a few sample meal plans for you to follow on these days (based on common and easily obtainable foods). Your training routine will be unique, with detailed guidelines concerning progression, execution and other relevant factors. You'll know what, when and how to eat and train.

  • Material with advice and guidelines to follow, including pointers on your diet and training routine.

  • A document with Frequently Asked Questions regarding diet and training.

  • Continuous feedback and support through bi-weekly progress reports. These reports ensure that you are making progress throughout the consultation period. Based on these reports, I'll modify your diet and training routine (if fat loss stalls, for example).

    • In between progress reports, you may e-mail me for advice and guidelines when you encounter a dilemma or problem.

If eligible: The price for Option A is $1495 / ?1045 for the first month and $700 / ?485 per month thereafter.

Referral: If you meet the criteria, you can proceed with the transaction.

Others: Reply for questionnaire.

Option B: 1-Week Consultation With Progression Guidelines

$795 / ?555 for Option B. Send to BLANK@gmail.com (this is the account used for PayPal)

After payment, you will receive a questionnaire. Your plans will arrive within 1-10 days after I've received the completed questionnaire.

This is the same service and materials as Option A, without progress reports, but with the addition of materials which clearly outlines how to proceed on your own.

Option B was first a simple 1-week consultation. As demand gradually exceeded supply, and the maximum amount of clients that I could realistically deal with was reached in Option A, I expanded Option B and added material/guides that show clients how to proceed on their own once the consultation week has passed. This has worked very well. Clients have been able to apply the methods and progress without continuous support from my side. A time-saver for me and a money-saver for the client.

SO there we have it. It seems with the Option B, 800 bucks, we don't get ongoing support after the 7 days, but an outlined plan to continue progression. Tough to judge just after a week though.


That's exactly my point. If you follow his principles for eight fucking months, how is it worth eight bills for an extra week of the same shit?


I'd still like to see some before and afters.