Martial Arts

I’d like to send this question out to Coach Davies but all replies are more than welcome. I’ve found it
very interesting that so recently there has been a shift in training, moving away from bodybuilding
and more towards functional training. I have been obsessed with Bodybuilding training for years.
More recently however I am very interested in renegade training. I have finally realized that for
myself that I not only want to be in good shape but an athlete as well. My focus has shifted from
bodybuilding to the martial arts. Training with those guys is tough, here I thought I could withstand
these bad ass workouts and these guys are kicking my ass in the dojang. So I would definitely like
to explore more functional training. So I’d like to hear what the coach or any others might
recommend for martial arts training. I must say that I do need to drop some bodyfat so my goal is
fat loss right now. I also have adopted my nutrition strategies from John Berardi, who is one
smart-ass bodybuilder (obligatory ass kissing). But I have had a hard time incorporating my one
bodypart a day bodybuilding type workouts with several hours of martial arts a week (Tae Kwon Do
and Hap Ki Do). So what do you think?

And Coach you should meet my father. He makes fun of all bodybuilders and gym guys. He is one bad ass construction worker (born and raised in Italy) and always thought we were sissy's for going to the gym. His advice to me was to get 2 cinder blocks one in each hand and run up and down the street. He truly is one of the strongest people I know and I have been around national level powerlifters. I'd love to have the renegades work with him one day. Thanks All

Re your father, he’s my kind of guy but if you thinks that weird, come watch me go for an early morning stroll along the beach with my kettlebells. As per your martial arts work, you are right - breaking your work into one bodypart per day is complicated and requires a well detailed plan. Get back to me about how often you’re going to be training & maybe we can figure something out. This could be fun especially with JB assistance to further help your fat reduction. I am sure we’ve got other Martial Artists to chirp in as well. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks Coach. Hey little did I know my father was such an expert! Anyway, right now what I just began doing is following the GBC (from T.C’s bowlfull of jelly article) 3 days a week and 2 hours of martial arts on mon and wed. And I was planning on adding in 2 more hours of martial arts, one hour on thursday and one on tuesday. so monday would be weights imediatly followed by 2 hrs of martial arts, same for wednesday. tuesday and thursday would be 1 hour of martial arts and cardio and saturday weights + cardio. This is very recent so I don’t know the benifits actually just yet. But I am also planning on letting my membership at my gym expire. I have access to some home weightlifting equipment but I am also looking for some renegade style training so that I won’t have to go back to fitness hell (great article Chris!). As for JMB, I think I’ve asked him enough, I’m sure he’s sick of me right now but if anyone is interested I can post some of that.

Thanks Coach, lets see if we can make a man outta me yet!

I think that coach davies renegade training would be an excellent addition. I used to practice submission wrestling, w/ Frank Shamrock, for a few years and the drills that coach d uses leave me feeling the way sparring for a couple of hours used to.

Alex thanks for the reply. That must have been some fun training!

Coach you asked how frequently I would work out, do you think 3 times a week would do it + 3-4 sessions of cardio a week.

Any other martial artists have their routines?

Thanks All.

I practice exactly the same forms you do. I do them back to back tkd then hapkido in that order for 2 hours straight 3x a week. I would concentrate on the martial arts themselves at first. You want to get good a lifting weights then lift weights you want to get good at baseball then play baseball you want to get good a martial arts then practice,spar and practice some more. As far as Coach Davies workouts will kill you in a sparing ring. You will not be able to move fast enough after his workouts. You will get your ass handed to you. I would do low rep schemes ie try looking into Pavel’s stuff or get Charles Staley’s book on Training for Martial arts. Both Pavel and charles have way more direct experience on the subject. Pavel and Charles workouts will not leave you hitting like a girl as the Davies would at first. Possibly if you stick with a Davies style training you would eventually get out of that but at first it will mess your technique up way to much. A lot of martial arts is technique if you do not have that all the strenght in the world will not help if you cannot hit/trap/throw the other guy. If you are already accomplished at martial arts then go ahead and do the Davies program and see what it does. I know for me it would lead to huge over-training and muscle loss.

I own a Mixed Martal Arts gym. I must say that I was very concerned with the sheer volume of work that Coach Davies’ Workouts employs. After doing them for a few weeks I find I am faster & fatigue less during rounds of Kickboxing. When grappling my grip strength has increased tremendously and back srtength for holding and escaping also increased. I suggest you try the workouts posted on this site or purchase his Combative Athletes program. You will not know untill you try it.

Training was fun. I do think that at first, maybe weeks 1 and 2, practicing the good coaches workouts will leave you drained. once your body gets acclimated to it it should not be much of a problem. as your wind will be much better. also things like burpees will increase your agility/body control esp. if you are practicing strict form. If the volume concerns you just cut the davies work in half. Start there and each week increase it accordingly. Personally I would adopt the davies gpp work and for strength 1 leg squats and 1 leg deads, box squats, and I love the snatch/overhead squat complex. On upper body, dips, chins(with the towel your grip will improve big time), push presses etc. this should help.

Knuckledragger, I usually dont disagree with you bro…but this time I have to. In my MA school we workout with programs similar to Coach Davies system…in fact many of his excersices are almost identical to ones we do in class…so I have not found much of a learning curve with his renegade training. I think his program fits in well with the MA…and as far as it affecting your sparring for a month or so…SO WHAT? If the end result is that your better for it…it is worth getting your ass kicked for a month. I have looked bad for a few weeks in sparring while I attempted to work out a new combination…or new technique…if the end result is positive…who cares if you have to take a whoopin for a while? Just my opinion Knuckledragger…dont take it personal my friend.