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Martial Arts


When i was younger i took tae kwon do, which I liked, but it was not something i would like to study again. I am looking for different types of martial arts, something a bit more up paced and exciting, i know in the arts there is always medditating, and form and such. I have been looking at chinese shaolin gung fu, japanese sword arts and a few others.
Anyways anyone have any expierieces with different types? If so what did you think of them? pros? cons?


I've formally studied Wing Chun and Taijiquan. Learned a few interesting things.

If you want to get proficient at a stylised martial art, then practice one.
If you want to get proficient at fighting, then find a school that free-spars and trains hard.


What is your purpose of studying martial arts? Sport? Self defense? exercise?


As Vyapada said compliance based art or free sparring? Most fall into one or the other and i've met people from both who proficient at fighting though those from compliance arts are good despite their training rather than because of it.
Go along to a few and see what you enjoy - generally guys who act like toughnuts have something to prove to themselves and love the belt system of arts so they can boss people around. Guys who can walk the walk are on the whole pretty chilled out and good to have around in a learning environment.
I've had fun in compliance based jujitsu and karate though at the start there was much more sparring and for this reason i stopped them. Fun is good and i enjoy wrestling and kickboxing. Also look towards kendo or kenjitsu for enjoyment - really its up to you - we're all different.


I love the form and art of martial arts, but I am looking to get into more of a sporting type I never liked practicing kata for hours, i always liked the sparing and sport more. I want something to make me work my ass of while having fun. Kick boxing was fun, but i would like to have more techniques.
I guess i need to do alot of searching, and go search out some classes in my area, to see whats what.


I would go with a no on the Japanese sword arts. Horribly boring... i'm getting tired just remembering it. But i think caporia (spelling?) looks like a lot of fun. I have also just started some kali which I am enjoying.


I've done some kung fu, san sho, JKD, 3 karates and taekwondo. They weren't for me, at least not the way those instructors were doing them.
I'm a BJJ guy. It's fun, you can train hard and it's practical. I do some wrestling, thai and boxing too but a lot of good BJJ schools teach at least the most common attacks from wrestling, thai and boxing so I have to go with BJJ.


I have a black belt in tae kwon do, a purple belt in kempo karate, a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have trained in wing chun, shaolin kung fu and capoeira.

I like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the best, it's very humbling and physically challenging.
But all the arts have been very fun, I like to go dancing and do gymnastics so capoeira is great for that. Wing Chun is pretty cool, learning to use your hands quickly and deflect close range strikes. Shaolin Kung Fu was fun, we would do flips and intricate forms and tae kwon do/karate had me throwing all sorts of head and leg kicks, got me very flexible and in very good physical shape.

Oh, I forgot I've also trained in qi gong and tai chi quan -- tai chi is pretty dope, you learn to move with a lot of grace and fluidity.