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Martial Arts

I suppose what we’re trying to say is that to pull off a one inch punch in a real altercation is tough. I’m all for striking and I think it’s an integral part of any ma’s program. It’s sort of like doing bench all the time and never doing sqauts or deadlifts.

The problem I have with most soft style’s is that while they can demostrate their effectiveness in a controlled situation whenever they have to back up the theory they fail. I do know there are exceptions to this rule (only one that I can think of - David Ross from NY) but everytime I talk to someone about their “amazing” instructor when it’s time to show what you’ve got they have an excuse as to why they can’t do it. Now I’m not trying to challenge anyone’s sensei (over the net is retarded anyways) but I have real difficulty believing much of what I read about the efficacy of any traditional style.

I too have been fooled. There was once a time when I thought my tae kwon do instructor would ko Tyson because he was a "master." 10 years later I can safely say that 90% of my students (when I used to teach) would have finshed this guy in under 2 min. It's very easy for an instructor to make claims and show you tricks but to actually be able to back it up is something else.