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Martial Arts Workout

I’m gonna be starting krav maga around the end of june (and we can debate the merits of that system later :slight_smile: But I need to start getting in shape. My main goals are to increase strength and to maintain my conditioning. Heres what I thought I’d do:

Mon- Full body (ME) lifting
Tue- Heavy bag work
Wens- Muscular endurance (circut training)
Thur- Run interval on the track
Fri- Full body (ME) lifting

For those of you how have trained in martial arts does this sound like a good plan? Anything else you can suggest?


I would probably use a Westside template with a lot of GPP and one leg workout, like WSSB but with a DE day instead of RE for upper body.

Sprints, polymetrics(spelling?), uphill sprints, olympic lifts. Since Krav Magra is a self defense system, I imagine you are training to that end. A typical fight lasts what? Less than a minute? So train to go all out effort cardio wise for a 1.5 min. shrug just a suggestion.

Thats pretty much what i’m trying to do, The heavy bag and sprint work will both be short duration intervals. The reason i’m doing ME work is becuase im a newbie and not yet strong enough to do really effective polymetrics or DE work (such as Dbell snatches, hell I can only snatch about 50lb Dbell) so I gotta get my max strength up first. Does this make sense or should I start trying to do DE/polymetrics right from the start?

The newer you are, the more just plain max strength will help everything. I would suggest improving your 1RM for a while before worrying about plyos.

Everything you do - should be done fast. Speed is very important. Based on my experience - abs, abs, and more abs and grip work, grip work, and more grip work. No abs no speed and your easy to beat. No grip and you’ll have a tough time controling your opponent when things get up close and personal. Enjoy and be careful. jim