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Martial Arts, Suggestions?


Ok, I have this dream of becoming the next Karate Kid. Yeah, forget bruceleewannabe; how about Karatekidwannabe? I'm looking for a master or sensi or whattever it's called to help build his palace with whatever wax on, wax off method he has! I'll even do the jerk off if he tells me to!

Alright, alright, I pulling everones legs once again w/ my stupid shit. All kidding aside!!

Ever since I was a little dude I've loved martial arts!! The movies, books, Van Damme, watch him growing up in the late 80's & 90's! BTW, his physiqe is tops!

So what should I get involved in, which one? Would be a good idea to do two different types? What's about Jeet Kune Do, that's Lee's thing, but yet I never hear much about it. That's any style all into one, right?

I'm looking to defend myself the best way possible. Thanks. Also, I'm looking to go 2-3 times a week. Meet some cool badasses & learn!!! I want to learn everything I can, get really involved.


"So what should I get involved in, which one? Would be a good idea to do two different types? What's about Jeet Kune Do, that's Lee's thing, but yet I never hear much about it. That's any style all into one, right? "

1) Depends on YOU
2) Not at first
3) Sort of

Do some frickin research (sigh)

Not really giving us a lot to go on. Depends how you want to fight, if you actually want to compete, if you want "art" or just fighting skills etc. etc. etc. etc.

Its not really a Q that will get you anything other than:

"hey y dont u tri 'X'"
"X is shit"
"no its not"
"err if i snatch your purse whaddaya gonna do huh?"
" I'll X yo ass"
"as if fucktard..."

and so it continues.

Come back with a real q

Love from Jaimeo


i tried Russian Martial Arts for two months based on the Spetsnaz training (russian special forces). i think its pretty damn effective. i had to stop tho cause i had screwed up my knees from something else

check the other schools link to see where they teach it. there's one in florida i can see.

another martial art im interested in (more from the east) is called Silat.


Did you just say Van damme? Oh god....

Anyways, you need to find out what's availible in your area. Your not going to find some magical kingdom with some 1000 year old kunfu master looking to pass his skills on. Head over to the nearest shopping center and find a school their. You don't seem to know MUCH about martial arts, but that's ok too. I was like that at first, I thought I was gunna get some dragon sword and fight demons (I was 8). Most people strive to find some kind of unique style, that not that many people teach. But in reality, you wont find two schools alike (unless they're branched schooles ie Kims Karate, Kicks Karate, BMI ect..). Good luck and have fun!

Van Damme......


Like the poster above said; you need to know what you want. But personally, Wing Chu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitisu is a very good combination. The only thing is if you want to master Wingchu, your body need to be 'soft' or relax. And weight lifter is a bit too tight. Google it and you will know if it's for you. I loved it.



Warning - highly biased suggestions coming

I had the same questions about a year ago. I looked around at the traditional martial arts (tma) in my area and quickly realized it was not what I wanted. Most of what they taught had little practicle application and there was little to no real sparring. If you aren't sparring, how do you know what you are using is effective?

I started training at an MMA school that focused on building ultimate fighters. I had boxed for a couple of years so I had some standup background. I now spend about 60% of the my time on brazilian jiu jitsu, 20% on wrestling, and 20% on muy thai. If you are looking for the best stand up discipline my vote is muy thai. Be warned it is high cardio workout and will strip weight off fast.

MMA teaches you the best of several disciplines so you can effectively fight no matter where the fight goes.

Florida is filled with great MMA schools.

Hope this helps.


If you want to be Van Damme go with Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, it is what he did in the movie Kickboxer.


try learning shoalin long fist. me i would stick with kung fu then move on to jujitsu for ground combat. the reason i say stick with kung fu is there are so many diffrent styles to learn. and usually depending on your teacher they teach ya really good discipline. i mean when i took it they taught me the greatest way to block and defend your self run. i mean ya sounds lame but if you have the discipline and really want to defend yourself. thats the best way. but then they told me if you run and still cant get away then defend yourself and the way they teach is to defend your self and not stop until you feel comfortable. unlike some martial arts they teach to strike then back up to get the points.


It's hard to make suggestions as to a specific martial art. As someone said above, just wonder in (quietly, with respect and with not to many questions) to as many places as possible in your area. It doesn't matter which style, traditional, modern, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. See as many as possible. Are they practicing something with sincerity, effort? Are they into it? Go for the one that lights the fuse.

Martial arts are bloody difficult; to get good you are going to have to be into it, you know that. It doesn't matter which one at first, go for the one that you are most into! Train and the rest will follow. At the end of the day many martial arts are very similar. They often tend towards the same thing, there are only so many ways to deliver and punch, twist a joint, develop power, move off line etc.

Just start.

Also, which one will make you as hard as nails? Hmm, my experience (limited ? 6 years or so) is that people who are 'tough' after training a while tended to go in 'tough', no martial art can teach you to defend yourself it you don't have a bit of backbone, you know? On the other hand martial arts can teach you many things other than how to punch or lock a joint, I had a sensei once who often said 'I've heard that by the time you are really good, unassailable, you no longer need it because you can see the trouble coming'. Not as flash but much more effective!


Do some research? What do u think I'm doing by asking this question? I'm asking my fellow T-Men whose thoughts & suggestions I regard as the best on the net.

Did I say I wanted to compete? No, I didn't. I want to defend myself in everyday life sisuations. Muggers, dumb asses that start shit! Dudes hitting on my girl! Shit like that. Basically no holds barred. Pulling their hair & taking their small minded head to my kness for some kisses. Stufff like that. What's going to give me the best real world know how to kick ass, take names.

No I'm not looking for an art. I want to kick ass IF I EVER NEED TO.


Thanks! Helpful. You've got to admit! Van Damme has a killer physique???? Yeah he does!


Thanks guys! All grat suggestions! I've got my homework for sure!

Question! As with anything you learn, I believe it would be way better to go 1on1 w/ the head guy or one of his teachers for my instruction. RIGHT? Get more out of it, it's 1 on 1! Who better to learn or spar w/ then the tops guys. Learn faster too. What do u guys think??!


If you're lucky you can find a place that focuses on teaching practical skills rather than any particular style. I recently began training at a new place which teaches a mix of Jeet Kune Do, kickboxing, Phillipino martial arts and, grappling. The instructor is a local police officer and the focus is on defending yourself rather than impressing people with fancy kicks. After years in Taekwon Do, this was a refreshing change.

It basically depends on what you hope to get out of it. For pure conditioning purposes boxing or kickboxing is probably good. For the ability to do fancy jumping kicks that look fancy, but lack practicalit, Taekwon Do is good. Pick something that suits your interests.


Unless you are some kind of a millionaire I don't think it would be cost-effective to take private lessons.

You'd also be missing out on a lot of things if you trained alone. One thing is sparring partners, getting your assed kicked by your master can be fun and educational, but it's much more motivating to be ina fight you could win. Another one is the motivation that comes from competiveness, it's amazing how much harder you can push yourself when you're trying to outdo everyone else. Lastly, if you're serious about martial arts you'll probably end up spending 5-10 hours a week at the dojo. That's just not as much fun if you're not part of the posse.

Having said that, depending on where you go you might feel that you are lacking individualized instruction. In that case, it might be worth setting up 1 40 minute private class a week. Beleive me, he can give you enough things to work on in that time to keep you busy for a week at least.

(another point, most senior students are happy to help beginners for a while after class, and they work for free!)


One of the most important things, as someone has touched on above, is what's available in your area. Every single martial art has been tested through time, they all work. For example, Brazilian JuJitsu/MMA is good but there are no good studios in my area. And, to comment on something another poster said, Taekwondo IS a practical martial art, even though its considered 'fancy' for its 'pretty' kicks whatever. If someone's attacking you in the street, you're not going to use a back spinning kick to take him out. You may miss, then where are you? The most practical and fastest attack is a roundhouse (always to the head), and that goes for most martial arts. (Remember this is street, not competition.) As far as competition is concerned, the owner of the thread stated that he is not interested in competition, the art, or anything other than kicking someones ass if need be. That's okay I guess, but I strongly recommend competition. If you don't compete you will never reach your full potential. But that's up to you. You may find that you like the art and form as well once you get into it. A final note: Most martial arts are essentially the same at the beginner level, though different studio's do different programs too.


Grork has hit this perfectly. One of the reasons I love the place I go is the quality of the other students. Several are ex D1 wrestlers, several have competed and won in NHB fights. Most importantly from day 1 each was willing to teach and instruct me as partners. When we spar I still take a beating from them but I have found I have learned much faster this way, especially my defense.


I'm not into martial arts, but don't people who are really 'into' martial arts hate it when someone says this is why they want to get 'into' martial arts?


If you want to defend yourself from the average thug, that is pretty simple: throw the first punch. For the street, I would suggest Muay Thai.


Look for Muay Thai, Savate(DAMN effective and underrated), boxing, and Jeet Kun Do (I have a website of an AMAZING instructor for this). MMA makes a good platform for the street, but is not everything you need. There are things (headbutts, eyegouges, kicks to the front of the knee, weapons) that just can't be trained through MMA. Grappling is necessary, but overrated for the street as well.

www.royharris.com is the FIRST place I would go. Brilliant instructor, excelent buisness ethics and wanted all over the world for his expertise. Once you've read some of his articles and got a feel for his teaching methods, I think you might agree.


I've done MA for over 17 years.

What can I say?

If you REALLY want self defense, buy a gun (if legal in your area) or some pepperspray/mace. That's the "quickest" way.


Martial Arts takes a LONG time (to be "good enough") and there is ALWAYS someone on the street better, tougher...or more of them. Or ARMED wil F*cking weapons. You can't run faster than a bullet.

Buy a gun or pepperspray or mace for the "just in case".

Otherwise you're only looking for ways to satisfy your ego..."if I'm in a bar fight..." blah blah blah. And these reasons are not "just in case."

They are (mostly) to try to show how "manly" one is.

ego vs. "manliness"

my 2 cents.


Oh yeah...don't let 1980's and 90's movies rule your perception on fights and life. Do yourself that favor, if you get nothing else from this post.