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Martial Arts School West Chicago Suburb

I am trying to find a MMA school near my home in North Aurora,IL. Anyone know of any schools? Thanks…

How far are you willing to drive?
Keith Hackney is in Roselle, IL. off of Rt 20.
There are a ouple in Naperville. Shonie carter is supposed to tech at LA Boxing off of Rt 59, and there is a gracie school in the area there.

Straight Blast Gym is in Elgin.
Rockys dojo I think has MMA classes (buyer beware- never stepped foot in there. They are in Sugar Grove off of 47.
Thats all I can think of even close to you that I have heard of.

There is a place in Schaumburg (north suburbs) that a friend of mine trains out of, but I don’t know the name. Don’t know how far you are willing to travel.

Thanks for the responses. I’m going to look into Rocky’s, it’s about 10 minutes from my house, and distance is important with having 2 little girls.