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Martial Arts: SCARS vs TFT

I’ve been looking on the forum for information about both systems of fighting and was wondering if anyone had any input on what the difference between the two of them were? And if anyone has attended either of these training camps, what were they like? Thanks a lot.

SCARS is repackaged kung fu. If that’s what you want then have at it. The problem is they market it as a self defense system and bullshit like that. It’s a martial art which will get you killed in the streets.

Don’t know what TFT stands for. What is it that you want self defense (SD), traditional martial arts, eclectic systems (MMA) or military combative type? Croooz

TFT is Tim Larkin’s program which sounds similar to SCARS in its principles of offensive thinking etc. What I want to learn is how to successfully defend myself against weapons, strikes and on the ground.

Research Senshido, Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA), Demi Barbito, Tony Blauer, Geoff Thompson, the writings of Marc Macyoung (just writing not techniques or anything like that)

The reality is when you see their stuff you will think “who can’t do that it’s sooo simple” CFA & Senshido are the two I have personally learned and used. They have forums at sammyfranco.com & senshido.com.

As most of you know already I am a Police Officer, so I don’t relate the following story to make anyone sound the least bit tough or cool, but here is a first hand experience with SCARS. My brother is 140lbs. He has practiced Scars for over 2 years now. Several months ago he got into a fight at work. The person he fought was suppose to be a tough dude, and he weighed about 220lbs. Anyway my brother sent him via helicopter to the hospital where the dude was in a coma for several days…Now my brother faces Aggravated Assault charges. How proud I am…Is Scars effective? I think so, but to what end?