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Martial Arts Program

I am a 23 yr old male who practices muay Thai (kickboxing) and brazilian jui jitsu. I am looking for a program that fits a martial artists needs. Any help would be great. Also, I want a martial arts style workout for swimming, and a good neck workout. Thank you for your help.

Check out Matt Furey’s book “Combat Conditioning.” There is some really good stuff for the neck there. You can get it at Dragon Door Publications dragondoor.com which also has a lot of other good martial arts books and videos. Matt also has a website MattFurey.com. Hope this helps.

Check out Charles Staley’s work. He has just written a book geared for martial artists. He did an interview with T-mag a while back and has his own web site–myodynamics.com.

I would agree that you should try to get hold of Charles Staley’s new book. I have the first book he wrote on martial arts conditioning and that was pretty useful too. In terms of weight training, from hat I have learnt, you should spend most of your time in the 1-5 repetition range to develop relative strength; do the eights for strength and your martial arts and bag work for endurance. I was at a Royce Gracie seminar recently over here in England in the UK and he detailed his training regime to us. He concentrates on endurance for the most part, doing long distance runs for 30 to 45 minutes in the mornings and uses high reps in his weights workouts. In contrast to this, however, people like Frank Shamrock emphasise power to a greater extent than Royce does, and this is clearly evident in their different fighting styles. I kno that Bas Rutten only trains for two hours a day, no more, but the training is of a high quality; check out his training videos to see what he does.

I think you should listen to that really good looking and severly intelligent Nick Wojciechowski,after all you can’t beat gaetan with all the karate in the world.