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I wanted to know what the(bear with me as I try to describe this)log with the bunch of rods sticking out of it at odd angles is called. Mostly used for practicing combos I believe. Also if know where I could get one that would be great.


...I always called it "the post"...

I think I know what your talknig about. It's terribly fun for awhile, but loses its appeal fairly quickly. Specially if you bruise your hands on it. Course, I haven't even seen one for like, 2 years, so I might have been doing wrong bac k then...


If you don't know what it is called why do you want one? Just kidding.) Try a kung-fu supplier.



It's called a wing chun dummy. It won't do you much good unless you're a wing chun practitioner.


Heres some some traditional ones:


Hers some that are not traditional but they wont brake or crack like the traditional ones:


They are good for strenghtening the bones, deadening nerves, and building a good level of tolerence to pain. I plan on getting a plastic unbreakable one myself within the next year. Have fun. Bruce Lee used to practice on one religiously.

Stay strong,


It is called a mook jong, or wooden dummy, try searching for it on the net, you will find sites that detail how to build them or where to buy.


A Mook Jong.

If you're not a Wing Chun guy, it doesnt make much sense to get one. If you are, its probably an absolute must.


There are Mook jong for many different styles of kung fu.
What style are you practicing?


Dragon-how much is 495e?I live in the US,the cheapest one ive found is $575 new freestadning(need freestadning one)

Fluffy-I'm not practicing any style I just wanted something to practice punches/holds and deaden my arms/legs to more pain.

I was thinking of gettin the wodden dummy or a freestanding "boxing/speed" bag.I'm gonna check out e-Bay


Use thai pads for that as hitting wood will end up in you fucking urself up when you get older.


oops, I didnt notice that thos were eur & a foreign site. Its $623.19. I just did a google and wasnt paying attention to prices. I live in the USA to, so dont feel bad because I didnt know either untill I found this site:

Stay strong,



for the most part on WT people use them.

It is meant for a person to figure out angles to improve their chi sau (sticky hands).

There are only a handful of people that can actually use one in America, and even less that know all 119 steps of the wooden dummie form.

I know of only two that know the entire form.


if your not practicing any style then I wouldn't even consider getting one of these.


I guess it depends on what flavor you are.

WC's would use it sooner than a WT would.

WT's wouldn't need it until they were instructor level or higher. They put much more focus on mastering chi sau.

The few WC's I have practiced with have been really rigid which would seem to fit with their focus learning the exact reaction to every situation.

Then again maybe they just sucked???


Deadening hand nerves - brick walls work well.

rolling and tapping your shins with a broomstick/bo staff/baseball bat will strengthen the bones while deadening the nerves.

These are the things I used when I used to practice kung-fu in my late teens. Nothing fancy, but when our class would travel to other schools for "friendly sparring seesions", I saw how much a difference conditioning made. I'd kick one of their black belts ("JC Penney, $3.98") in the thigh (not a "point area", so usually unguarded) and watch him crumple in a heap on the floor.

Simple things will get you there, man. A heavy bag for kicking/punching is good, just be sure to tape your wrists.


[quote]jmwintenn wrote:
Fluffy-I'm not practicing any style I just wanted something to practice punches/holds and deaden my arms/legs to more pain.

Deading your arm and legs to pain may have somer limited value now but in old age you will suffer.
I have trained for over 24 years and have been lucky enought to be trained by some great masters and would not pratice without a quilfied practitioner.
The wing chun dummy is not to toughen your arms if done correctly as wing chun teaches you to attack the center line not chase your opponents arms.
I have done the old traditional arm and leg tougthening training, but always with the proper herbal liniments and herbal tea's to assist with the training, that is why now I have conditioned hands that look like scholars smooth hands and not rougth calloussed hands ( the ladies love smooth hands sliding over their naked bods:)
If you want to learn how to use the training equipment, find a good instructor.
Good luck, Fluffy


Great post Fluffy.

24 years, huh? I've only been at for 18 years (counting in head...1,2, 3..yeah 18 years now). And I did the traditional conditioning too...linaments and all.

Good post.


so freestand heavy bag better for me?

people always say to tape your wrists....why is that,cause normally they aren't taped in a fight.

on a side note i wasnt planning on just whacking my arms against it,my friend has been doing mma since he was a kid an i was gonna have him show me some things.Even if he wasnt around I wouldnt go all out on it....i'd break something

ive tried brick walls and wooden door frames....but for some reason only when im mad,i end up cracking the frame(oh how my parents love that) or tearing the skin off my knuckles(brick)


I have to agree with the posts suggesting a heavy bag over a wooden dummy. If you're not being coached on proper striking technique and the associated training methods, it would be best to work out on something with a bit more yield than a tree trunk.

Just a little curious; why do you want to "deaden" your arms and legs? This is a serious question coming from a OMA/TMA (okinawa isshinryu karate) guy, not me just being a smartass.


Which system do you train with out in AZ.

I only know of one WT(the system I am in) that is out there.