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Martial Arts Not the Answer to Street Violence


Even though it has next to nothing to do with combat sports. Escape is the best thing you can do if you are in danger. Having a black belt wont save you in the streets. Create an escape, and run away.


Shoes work best on your feet.


Someone hasn't watched Never Back Down enough.


Run away!

/Monte Python


[SARCASM}This is a radical concept that has never been discussed on this forum.[/SARCASM]


Bull shit TMA teach one to be faster than guns and to intercept knives. Someone Pulls a gun on me bam double leg then the guys like oh shit as I put hip to sleep with a RNC, but I BJ penn the fuckers arms so he can't shoot, then he's asleep. Not much shooting you can do when your asleep. A guy pulls a knife but he can't stab me, I got the machida footwork on lockdown and we all know how this ends another guy asleep.


Fred Simmons would disagree




I love that movie "Jiu Jitsu sucks !"


How have I not heard of that movie. that was hilarious!


...DUH...DUR...DUH...DUR....DERP DERP....duuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr drools


You need to go watch the whole thing. Its great.

I say we post links to scenes from foot fist way to all the new stupid posts on here


What's this link?


Kalle you are the man.