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Martial Arts Fraud



In a recent thread someone was trying to perpetrate the myth of "dim mak" or death touch.

The link shows it only works on his students. When he went to a jujitsu school, it didn't work on any of them.

One of the jujitsu students looks like Stephan Bonner from the Ultimate Fighter.


That was great. What a fraud.

He can't even kick higher than his knee cap let alone tie his belt properly. I've seen white belts look more menacing.

What about that knob at the end. 'If you want to see for yourself, come down and we'll be more than happy to knock you out'

What with, a bat?


Death Touch?!?!!?!? HAHAHA
As soon as the technique was tried on "outsiders", it no longer worked.
Definitely looks like Stephan Bonner. Makes sense too, as the news report is from Chicago, and Bonner trains with Carlson Gracie (Sr) in Chicago.


Looks like he's done the "Death Touch" to a few buffets.



Of course it's real!!!! They did it in the Simpsons :slight_smile: Seriously, I don't know if it real or not, I've seen stranger things happen, but one thing struck me: when trying it on the ju-jutsu class, the newscaster said that 40% of people were not susceptible to touchless dim mak. But he's touching them..... and he later says that as grappler, they're more efficient at channeling harmlessly this energy. Does it mean he doesn't teach it to his class, because they all seem pretty susceptible to it. Then again, he chose to students he would do the show with.

As a teacher, it seems strange he teaches them the attack, but not the counter. I'm not dismissing it entierly, I'm just pointing discrepancies. As I said, I seen sranger things happen, but I'd like to find out for myself. I don't know if any T-man (or T-vixen) would go undercover and take that free week of class. Just a thought of course, I'd deny giving you the idea if things do not turn out ok :slight_smile:


That WAS Bonner. He trains at the FitPlex.




The guy in the picture looks like he's getting ready to make a slushy to go with that buffet...:slight_smile:

And that video. Trust me, I've been studying/practicing martial arts (of various kinds) for around 16 years. Basic moves work. Dim Mak and other "mysterious" techniques DON'T work, period.


I had wondered who his teacher was, when they reporter said George Dillman that was all I needed to know.

Dillman is not the guy to go to for Tuite. He took a few basic classes from Grand Master Seiyu Oyata and ran off and formed his own school and started writing books. Grand Master Oyata is the man to go to for Tuite.

I have some real doubts about the touchless stuff, obviously the Jiu Jitsu people did too.

Having had the honor of being my Sensei's Uke when he demonstarted some of the Tuite that he learned from Master Oyata, I can relate that it does hurt like hell and there was a point where I wished I was dead.

I don't know if it will kill you but my teacher did make a man soil himself.


I know of a Dim-Mak Instructor I had back in Jersey. He once told me how to incompasitate a man with a two finger strike on the side of the body. I diddnt believe it, told him he would have to hit me pretty hard. Like he pressed a key on a keyboard he hit me and I cried like a bitch on the ground. I never doubted him again. I believed him when he said that even though that is the least damaging thing he could do to someone, never beleive anyone who says they can kill you with a two finger strike.

As a matter of fact, "...just punch that fucker in the face, if he pulls a gun, run like hell. If he drops to the ground like you just did, kick him a few time then run. Cops are pretty quick these days."

I then proceeded to puke. I will never forget this day back in 2000.


This is a prime example of the power of suggestion. His students appear to be young. Imagine a new impressionable kid. Everyone else believes in his techniques and as a result of sheer peer pressure the new kid will start believing.

This is terrible. This is just like those evangelist TV shows where people are miraculously healed.

The news program should have had the jujitsu practioners and him duke it out.




First of all thanks for posting the video. That was great entertainment man.

I think the "instructor" needs to lose about 40lbs. of fat. Fat to Fire maybe? At least do like they would look more natural driving a school bus or pushing a broom somewhere, he is no exception.

This guy is a joke. The bad part is he has students walking around who think they can incapacitate a guy the size and strength of say Dave Tate by waving their hands around.....YIKES!


I think you might be forgetting one important detail here: When you LET someone perform just about any technique on you it can hurt.

Okay ... just stand there and let me hit you with a right cross.

It's magic .....the guy went right to sleep...

What bull!


No question there are some guys out there that can put a real hurting on you by hitting the right nerve bundle.

They have to at least touch you to do it though.


This is why it is so hard to get people to take martial arts seriously. That guy runs what we in the martial arts community call a "McDojo", think of it as the martial arts version of a "24hr Fatness center". And even if he is right and the technique does work, why bother, if it only work on 40% of the population and trained fighters are usualy part of the 60% it doesn't work on. I'm not going to spend years mastering a technique that is probably not going to work, when I could just as easily follow homer simpsons fighting method, "hit him right in the family jewels".


We absolutely need a T-Man in the Chicago area to take this dude for a test run. Hell, I'm in N.Y., I wonder if I call him, can he Death Touch me over the phone?


I think Beefcakemdphd's explanation is most fitting...


I remember watching that report and just shaking my head.


hahahahahahah I agree


All joking aside, do you really feel that he could survive a streetfight?


That "instructor" is fat, obviously out of shape and would get crushed by the average street fighter!