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Martial Arts/Diet/ and Workout

Alright, I’ll try to be as brief as possible again guys. First I want to wish everybody a merry christmas. I am reading more and more (Ian King Books, Poliquin, and a couple I am going to buy on the “feed your head” article. I had tried the T-dawg diet with decent success (Thanks Only to Chris Shugart, thank you). I am very interested in taking a martial arts class (4x/week, 2 hour/session)consisting of Brazilian Jui Jitzu/Kickboxing/Stick Fighting. Ian King talks about optimal training frequency, I’m thinking mine is 2-3x/week… Any thoughts on how to approach that? I am taking some advanced science courses as well this semester, so I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I will continue reading everything I can on the subject, but I wanna know what you guys think. Also, if I want a decent diet to try to slim down/maintain while I’m taking these martial arts. I was gonna try a 30% Fat/45% protien/25% Carbs… Thanks

Hey T-man, glad there is a question concerning martial artists around here. I don’t have much of a reply on the diet, but I am a former powerlifter who weight trained 2 hours a day, 5 days a week that turned to mixed martial arts. For the past year and a half I have been taking BJJ/Judo/Boxing/JKD/Muay Thai for about 5 hours a night for 6 days a week. When I first started up I thought I could train the same way, but I was painfully wrong. After much trail and error I began a two day a week training regimen that was total body. Bench/Pull up/Squat/Deadlift were all the staples of the routine, and every week I’d do something different, like Turkish getups with a 150 Lb. sandbag (great for BJJ!) or pushing the van around. My traditional routine follows an old powerlifter 5X5 set/rep scheme. Any bodyweight exercises like hindu squats or pushups I’ve added to the routine every other night to just promote recovery of my weary muscles. I wish I could help you on the diet, but I never paid much attention to specific diets. I’ve just eaten healthy and trained like an insane person, and some reason the fat just stays off, despite my family’s genetics.

What are Hindu Squats and Turkish Getups? Do you think with Martial Arts training for 5 months, 3-4x/week, 2hrs/session I’ll make some decent progress? I’ve never done martial arts and am very excited.

Bro, you’re going to want to do trianing more suited to gaining functional strength/endurance for your chosen art(s). Personally, I’d approach trianing with a more rennegade (Davies) style, using big compound movements. Unless you’re really, really hyperactive and can run fine on extremely low carbs I would shy away from the T-dawg while trianing heavily in martial arts. I am normally a very low carb individual and even I feel slightly devioid of energy on the T-dawg. When you intend to devote a significant portion of your time to bodybuilding/fat-loss, you can hit the T-dawg. Lata.

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I too am taking Brazilian jui Jitsu. This disciple requires good flexbility, and stamina. They will tell you stength isn’t real important but you will see that it is, at least until you get very good at technique (~1.5-2 years). I have a hard time recovering if I do it more than 3x a week. Someone your age should be able to do it every other day and get some weight training and cardio in along with it. Experiment and see what works. You should stretch every day or close to it.

Hope this helped.